Friday, December 14, 2007

So, Tony is off of work until January 5, and as much as I know I need to be all clinging to him in desperation until he leaves, I can't help but be a little stand offish, by a little I mean snapping "Why are you all in my face right now?" in disgust. Becuase even though my mind and heart know that he is leaving soon, and that I need to spend every precious moment I have memorizing every line and freckle on his face, my body doesn't give a shit right now, because I have pms, and when those three little letters are present, it takes your mind and heart, and it gags them, and throws in a very dark cellar, where it then makes them put the lotion on the skin or it will give them the hose again.

It sucks, it's horrible timing, but what can I do? Its out of my hands.

I plan here in a bit to make my frist trip to the commisary. That is a scary thought. It's pay day, and it will be crowded. If I wait until Monday there is a possibility there will be no food left.

PMS and crowded food shopping, I see many many bad things happening.

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