Monday, December 10, 2007

I so should be in bed right now, but the quiet... good Lord, it's intoxicating!! I just love sitting here without someone up my ass literally. Jonny loves to run into my ass all day long. I'll be standing at the counter, or at the washer and feel a bump, and he's run at me and bumped my ass with his head. He's weird.

Although, today it's weird because today he got shy about showing his little penis to Aislinn. We were changing his pull up, and Aislinn walked by and stopped just to hang out I guess, and he covered himself up, and said "No, I don't want Aislinn to see my ding ding" So I blocked it from her view with my hand, and said "Aislinn your brother would like some privacy, can you move over there please?" It was cute, but I wonder if bath tomorrow will be an issue? They usually bathe together.

Also today I had the ultimate experience in having a boy. I went to sit on the toilet and fell in!! He forgot to lower the lid, and it hurt! Tony is really good about leaving the seat down. The only time the seat is up is when we have other males at the house. I had to explain to him that he has to put the seat down so mommy doesn't break her back.

Well this is a boring entry.

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