Thursday, March 19, 2009

Has it really been that long?

It's almost been a MONTH since I've written anything.

Not much has been happening here. Just living each day, counting down until Tony comes home. We aren't able to talk as much because he's been preparing for an inspection. He did email today to tell me he did NOT make boards to make chief. I can imagine he is very upset. He missed it by 1.7 points. That must really suck to miss it by so little. He's such a hard worker, and it breaks my heart that he didn't make it.

Aislinn started taking her ADHD medicine today. I'm curious to see how she'll feel today. I hear it can make you feel nauseous. I was worried that it would be a big fight since she was so against taking the medicine, but she took it quite easily. She just... took it. Swallowed it and said "There" and continued to eat her Frosted Flakes. The Dr. was very nice, and made Aislinn feel better about taking it. We then had a conversation about it after getting the RX.

One thing I am worried about is something the Dr. said. While getting our family history, she was concerned that my sister in law, Denise is bi-polar. She said since it's such a close family memeber and Aisy has ADHD, I guess her chance of becoming bi-polar is greater. That as a child, it won't manifest itself but it can later. She said that ADHD and bi-polar can often go hand in hand, and that fixing one problem while not the other can cause more problems. Poor kid. Tony and I have always joked between the two family histories of addiction, mental disorders and stuff of the like that are kids are screwed, especially Aisy since all the women in his family are just plain nuts. It looks like the joke could be on us. At least we KNOW and we can keep an eye on it. During the appointment, Aislinn exhibited every aspect of ADD. Getting up, walking around, talking out of turn. I'm sure a lot of it was nerves, but that just goes to show how ADD affects some people. Where as one person can make themselves sit still, Aislinn can't help herself, she has to get up and walk adn touch everyhing in the room, even after being told to stop.

Today has been a busy day. After over a week of rain, we finally got some sun. I went outside and cleaned out the van. Finally got EVERYHING OUT I had left from Christmas. Blankets and pillows we had just left in there.. stuff like that. I cleaned the windows then Jonny and I took Louie for a walk. In a bit we have to get Aislinn from school. She started Thursday Extra Curriculars.

On a personal note, I myself have started therapy. It's really been helpful to have someone to vent to about how hard it is being a mom sometimes. Especially a mom who has a child like Aislinn who has a husband that is deployed. I don't know why it took me so long to do it.

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Mouse said...

Good luck with... everything.

My ex was ADD and bipolar. they told us the same thing, that as a child he was most likely ADD. my ex agreed but his parents didn't believe in stuff like that so he never got ANY help of any kind.