Sunday, March 29, 2009

One of those days

It's just one of those days where everything is either going wrong, is somewhat off, or just irritating the SHIT out of me.

First of all.. it's been raining like crazy for the last few weeks. Really. Right now, between the mud, dog poop, puddles and long grass hiding it all, my yard is like a freaking mine field. It didn't help the drying out process that this morning Jonny thought playing in the hose would be a good thing. It was sixty degrees out and he was out there getting wet. After I told him to STOP, he did it again.

Because he didn't listen, he's grounded. So he's spent his day seeing just how grounded he is. Is it ok to sit at the table outside? No? Ok.. let me try this chair right by the door, is that ok? Still no? Ok, well what about if I just STAND right in front of the door on the patio. Ok, ok don't yell. What about out front? Geez, lady calm down. What about if I come out when YOU come out? Mom.. why is your face all red? Ok, ok I'm going back in!

I must be a weird mom because I actually hate it when Aislinn goes out to play with her friends. Because it's always a day of putting me in the spot and running in and out in and out in and out in and out. While kids stand RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DOOR staring. Then Jonathan goes out there, and stands in front of the door talking to the kids, and the dogs going nuts, the trying to get out. The kids are pressing their faces to the door trying to see the cartoon/dog/my messy house. Mom, Cameron wants to know if we can play in the back yard? No, its full of mud and dog poo. Cameron wants to know why? Why can't we play. I just told you why. Then Cameron whines BUT, WE'LL BE CAREFUL. I don't care... go play in your own backyard. Can we hook the hose up to the front yard spigot and play in it. What?!? No of course not! It's not even seventy degrees outside and hello, it's muddy enough! Cameron whines BUT, IT'S SO HOT. Cameron, why don't you go ask YOUR mom if you can play in the hose. Oh.. I did. She said no. and So did his mom. And you're surrpised I said no? Mom can we please take the dog out. Sure. As she latches the leash she decides to RUN with the dog IN the house, knocking over my coffee in the process. My very full cup of coffee. Everytime she comes in and out, that sends Jonathan into a screaming fit because he misses his Aisy.

Tony was supposed to call and or IM. Ok. WAited around ALL DAY. Finally got an email that said... sorry not happening.

The house is a mess after just being clean. Two pairs of my shoes are outside caked in mud. The recycling was all over the yard after a brisk wind. My floor have dog/cat/shoe/feet prints all over it. Went into the laundry room, and was wondering...why are there so many clothes on the floor? That's because my darling son took the clean clothes out of the dryer and dumped them on the floor. I went to start the dryer and it wasn't working becuase Jonny was INSIDE it last night. I finally get it working and now have to redry the clothes that were in the basket because the kids had taken them out of the laundry basket and put them on the couch, and now they're wrinkled and full of cat hair.

And in all of this all I want is a newspaper. But in order to get a newspaper, I have to wait unil Aislinn is done playing, and get Jonny dressed, and go out and hope the van starts because it has a hard time with all this rain.


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the very long, ongoing wet winter saga that New Zealand has every year! I hate, hate, hate the mud and dampness.
Hope you dry out soon.