Friday, February 27, 2009

I have a cold, although today, it's much better. Yesterday was a lot of moaning, shuffling, aching and sweating. It was one day of that. I did take some Airborne yesterday, I don't know if that helped it? My mother swears by that stuff. Airborne and DayQuil. Great stuff.

I got to watch some movies yesterday since I was on the couch most the day with the aching and the sweating. First, I watched Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. It's not an Oscar winner or anything, but it was pretty funny. Although, the two dogs getting it on I could have done without. Then I watched Taking Chance an HBO original movie with Kevin Bacon, who the older he gets the finer he gets. Jesus, he played a Marine in the movie and was in uniform for probably 90% of the movie. HOT. Although, the movie was heartbreakingly sad. Even though I'm a baby eating liberal, I am always touched by military movies. Maybe because my husband is a military man? Maybe because I went to military school? Living in the day to day military life as a spouse it's rarely like what you see in the movies. The movie was about an officer who volunteered to escort a body back home, even though he didn't know the boy, but the boy was from his hometown. It showed that through the week long travels, Americans as a whole, all different walks of life were touched by the death of this fallen Marine. I cried like a baby. It's a true story. All along the trip, everyone revered this box that held the boy inside it. Treating it with the utmost respect and crying for him. Strangers who never knew him, but appreciated him and his sacrifice. It was just a really good movie

After that I came to my liberal senses.. I microwaved the left over kitten casserole and emailed Satan.

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