Monday, February 9, 2009

Fairly busy weekend

This weekend was a pretty busy one. Saturday Aislinn had Girl Scouts field trip. We went to Home Depot to do their monthly kid's project. Has anyone heard of this before? I wish I had known about it before!! Once a month, they offer a free project. The kids do it, and then they get a pin for the free apron, and a certificate saying they completed that project. Then, as if that wasn't good enough, they give them free lunch!! They get a hot dog (a BEEF hot dog, not one made out of anuses and beaks, well unless they use cow anuses) chips adn a juice box from the little lunch cart outside. It's smart because, you get the kids in, and the parents start looking around and buy stuff. Of course, this is when the vendors, and the employees are out in full force with demos and stuff. Even the lunch guy benefits because, if the kids are going to have free lunch, mom and dad will probably get a philly cheese steak, or an italian sausage too. Gotta love smart marketing. Being.. you know, poor I am immune to the pressures the sales people put on me. But, I will look around next month to maybe get some ideas for the house.

After that, we took the girls caching. We had a lot of fun. We found all the caches in that particular park. Aislinn's GS leader has recently gotten into caching, and has really, really taken to the hobby. She started before Xmas and already has 120 something finds under her belt. As of Saturday, we had um.. 15. We've been doing this almost a year. After the official Girl Scout outing, we went to some other spots taht had been giving me trouble that she had already found and played hot and cold until I found them. Caching is funny, because you become kinda paranoid in a caching kinda way. When you can't find the cache you get home and you think.. "Was it the acorn? I don't know, the acorn was just laying on the playground in the mulch, it can't be the acorn just lying loose like that, usually it's attatched to something. But, what if it fell off. Remember the pine cone* so is it so far fetched that it was that acorn. FUCK I bet it was that fucking acorn." An acorn would be welcome. There are some people who get ever more devious.

*a pine cone cache plagued me for MONTHS. Someone hid the cache in a pinecone that had fallen behind the fence, and I just knew it wsa the fucking pinecone. I was right.

Aislinn is a natural cacher, because she always thinks outside of the box. Take for instance there was one that I looked for and couldn't find, andwe went again with Tani so she could hold my hand. She kept insisting I was looking RIGHT AT IT, and all I was seeing was a huge power box. Nothing sticking out, poking off funny, skewed. It was just a huge power box. Aislinn walks right over to the "serial stickers" and says "Here it is" and pulls the stickers off. They stickers were actually a magnet and upon further inspection, the serieal letters was the name of the people (sans vowels) who had hidden the cache. On the back was magnet with a log to sign. WTF?!? When I asked her how she knew, she just shrugged and said "They looked too thick to be stickers" Seriously, my mind was blown.

We went again yesterday and found all the caches in the park near us. It is a lot of fun to cache with other people. So total for the weekend, I added nine finds to my total, so I'm up to 24. W00t!

I made reservations for Aislinn's bday party at a paint your own pottery place, and ONE person has RSVP'ed thus far. I'm starting to worry. It's two weeks from now, but still. I want her to be able to have friends there.

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