Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am a big girl...

Yet here are the tired clothing choices for us big girls

Animal print
fake velvet
wild prints (Don't get me wrong I like prints, but sometimes I'm SICK of prints)
sheer sleeves
kimono tops
huge eyelets (is that the correct term? Where there are hole designs around the neck?)
Biased cut tops and or dresses
big, flowy dress pants (everytime I go to a wedding or something similar all the big woman wear these and I've had a pair about six years ago)
Pant suits as really my only option for "dressing up"
Shirts with attatched "jewelry"

Maybe because I'm you know... poor, these are the only options available to me. Looking through a small catalog Lane Bryant sent me everything was beribboned, festooned, flowy, and bedazzled. You can't get a damn tshirt at LB without rhinestones.

Sigh. I'm in a bad mood. Time for bed.

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