Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If there is one thing I can't stand... it's yard clutter. My sister is laughing since she's seen my yard in the past. I'm not talking toys, I'm talking junk. Stuff people refuse to throw away. Growing up, I don't ever remember having a lot of yard clutter. "Dirty" houses had yard clutter. Boxes and bags of stuff that never quite made it out to the curb.

Imagine my embarrassment that we have yard clutter. It's driving me nuts. I just went out there and threw a bunch of stuff away, but I'm just PISSED in general. Tony is a pack rat. A slobby pack rat. I can't even begin to tell you how many beer bottles, soda cans, and packs of empty smokes I found out there "thrown away". I use quotes because they were thrown away in something that was not a trash can. It's the same way in the shed.

This is the one thing that shows how differently Tony and I grew up. Although, by my family's standard I'm a mess, on Tony's family standard, I'm down right Martha fucking Stewart. I get having a few and leaving them to collect on the table outside. I can eve see leaving them there over night. What I don't see is how can a fucker be so lazy as to throw them away in a tub that is literally a few feet away from our dumpster. The only thing you have to do is open the gate to throw them out. Then, since fifty bottles and cans are in there, lets just pile other trash on there so that the kids now mistake it for trash, and when I ask them to take out the trash from the bathroom they throw it away in there, and the bags of poo they've collected in the yard, that has now been rained on, and we've got a nice gross slurry of beer, piss and poo water.


Can you tell who found this treasure and had to clean it up? It's been sixty consistenly for a week now, so you can imagine the smell. I taped a plastic bag over one hand, had tongs in the other and a towel coated with deodarant around my nose.

Happy Valentines Week! Woohoo.

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Mouse said...

Todd parents live out in the country.. sort of on a hill. there are like three houses on the hill. As we were driving up he said "there it is!" I said "which one?" he said "the one with all the JUNK around it!" hahaha. his dad has all kinds of crap laying around.. machinery you don't know what it's for. Big metal boxes. A big wheel. crazy stuff. I'll take a picture for you next time. ;)