Monday, January 26, 2009

Blah blah blah

I just spent all evening decluttering the living room. It started with trying to figure out a way to keep Louie's ball from rolling under the couch. The only solution I could come up was to shove sheets under the couches. It looks tacky but it's worked. Although, now he has the fucking ball under the ottoman. I've moved it just a few minutes to get it and he rolled it under there again. He's just convinced me he's doing this shit on purpose. If it rolls under there again a third time (he managed to get it out the second time) I'm putting the balls up. I don't know why he has to play with them RIGHT by the couch and the ottomans.

Anyway, that led to decluttering. I pulled the couches out and depsite having just cleaned out from under them, they had SO much shit under there. I just don't get how all that stuff gets under there. Anyway, so I swept that out, and there was just SHIT everywhere. Then I got to looking around and every fucking surface in my living room had shit everywhere. Just stuff on every possible space. I swear why do we need 4 sets of ear buds? Why can't anyone put Wii games back in their cases? Why do the cases and games have to be stacked vicariously on the edge? I figured now was a good time to get rid of a lot of junk Tony has been holding on to. Then I decided to glue down something on the floor edge that had come off because Tony couldn't find a good way of securing it down. I didn't fix the problem, but it's no longer hanging there either.

So, now everything is dusted- and cleaned off. There is a huge bag of stuff that I can get rid of. It feels good.

Damn it the dog got the fucking ball under the couch this time. How is that possible?

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