Thursday, January 22, 2009

Through the course of a day, I have many, many ideas and thoughts on what to write about here, but when I actually sit down to do something, it's all just *poof* goes away. I remember when I had my journal on Spirit Chasers, a website a friend of mine ran, I could make 5 or more entries in a day. Then I got medicine, and realized that my funny was from all the crazy. Now, I'm just boring.

Maybe I can just make a list of the random things I always want to talk about.....

Twilight Vs. Southern Vampire Series..... Since reading the SVS with Sookie Stackhouse, I have become disillusioned with Twilight. It's obvious to me where Ms. Myers got her ideas. The similarities are too much, with just slight twists in plot and characters. Both books feature people who can read minds and finds a person whose mind they can not read. In Twilight it's Edward who can read minds, the vamp, in SVS it's the human... Sookie. Both are based in small, quiet, out of the way towns, who just so happen to have a ton of mystical shit happening. Even Sookie and Bella are similiar in their refusal to be taken care of and blah blah blah. Accident prone. There are even werewolves and shape shifters and an old Vampire order who wants to keep Sookie to themselves for her mind reading abilities. SVS came out first. Stephanie Myers claims her idea for Twilight came from a dream, I say it came from a dream while she was reading SVS.

A confusing trend.... So, lately I've noticed that a lot of girls are into deer hunting camo. I know that camoflage comes in and out of fashion a lot, but usually it's army type camo in girly colors. This is altogether different though. This is straight deer hunting crap. Leaves and sticks and twigs and little speckles of deer poop. I've seen girls wearing the jackets you can only really get at Bass Pro Shop, and the other day at Sam's Club, I saw a girl with a purse that had rhinestones on the strap. So, I know it's a trend because shit is starting to be bedazzled. I don't get it. I love my husband, but I'm not OBSESSED with my husband. To me this is what this is about. Girls, who want to identify with their husband and their hobbies so badly, that they will allow themselves to wear some ugly shit. Then I think, well maybe this is the new way of showing your redneck pride? No, I'm sticking with people obsessed with their husbands.

When will I learn?.... My sister pointed out ONCE AGAIN when I was back home that my blog is like my medical journal. Well, yeah it is. But, she's right I do talk about my many aches and pains quite often, and I'm going to do it again.

When will I learn that carbs are NOT my friend? Let's see since I've fallen off the wagon... my migraines have come back full force, I'm hungry all the time, my acne is back, and my stomach hurts a lot, I have a horrible gas, and I need a nap in the afternoons. You'd THINK I'd be frying up eggs up the dozen, but oh no. For some reason, I want to torture myself. What is with that? I had PASTA for breakfast. I'm an idiot.

That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many thoughts I have throughout the day. I bore even myself.

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Jilse said...

I think you make a good point there with the Sookie vrs. Bella books. I read the Sookie series first and loved those books. Then I read Twilight because I was tired of hearing all the hype and while I found the books to be o.k., I wasn't all crazy obsessed like every other woman in the USA is. I'll take Sookie over whiny Bella anyday. And Stephanie Myer needs to admit to a little Charlaine Harris copycatting.