Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blah blah blah.

First of all, can I say that my dog is extra freaking cute right now? He's laying on my bed, all comy and relaxed.

His coat is driving me nuts. I have hand stripped the top part pretty much completely, and he's got a nice new coat coming in. With cairns, you have to hand strip them. That means, in case you didn't know, YANK OUT THE HAIR BY HAND. It sucks. Yes you read that correctly. I usually bunch up his fur,skin and meat, and pull the stuff that's dead. It's the stuff a normal dog would shed, but because I can't allow myself to HAVE AN EASY LIFE, I got a dog that needs to have those hairs ripped out. But, since I don't have hours upon hours a day to sit and rip out hairs from my dog, I only mananged to get the top part done.

The dog brings me crazy joy people. He's bad as all get out. He peed on my floor probably a hundred times today. He's the loudest little fucker on the planet, but his signal to let me know he needs to go out? Sitting or standing by the door quietly. If I'm upstairs, he will not come get me, he just stands there quietly, then pees if no one notices him. But, if a piece of dog food is floating in his water dish, he'll barkbarkbarkbark to warn us of the impending danger of AHHH FLOATING KIBBLE!! At my mom's over Christmas break his nemesis was the shed (nemesis is Jonny's new word. What's Jonny's nemesis? He says pineapple) first he didn't like it because he has issues with tall flat things. It's totally weird. We found out this little tidbit when the kids were playing with a top to a rubbermaid bin. Then my dad pulled his little scooter and that just tore if for him. Not ONLY did the shed have the audacity to be tall and flat, but it also housed a loud thing with wheels? Awwww HELLS NAW Louie don't play dat. So, everyone time he went outside to pee, which is literally every twenty minutes, he would run and barkbarkbark at the shed until I went out there and chased him around to get him to come inside.

Today, Aislinn got sent home from school for being sick. First time ever and pretty frantic and borderling traumatic.

1. I totally brain farted and forgot to give the school our new number. We did it right before Xmas break, and everything was kinda hectic. So, I get a call at 11, she had been in the Nurse's office since like 9:30. They had to contact a kid from schools mom who had my number because she cat sitted for me (and totally went through my shit).

2. I went outside and it had been raining. My cars BOTH of them, sometimes, ok all the time, give me problems when it's been raining. It took me thirty minutes of trying before I got one of them started. Of course it was the CAR, which was in FRONT of my van. Luckily, the neighbors weren';t home to see me drive on their lawn.

I walked in, and NurseyPoo looked at me like I was scum. Treated me like it too. What kind of mother doesn't inform the school of a number change, THEN has the balls to come strolling in an hour after the phone call? I just hate that feeling of being judged. It bothers me more than I care to admit, and it's something that will probably stick with this woman for a long time. Not to mention the fact that Aislinn looks like a scrub on a daily basis, and I can't even get my child when she's sick AND my car wouldn't start? That's just a recipe for welfare family in her book you know?

I think I need to seriously think about getting a new vehicle. Not that there is anything wrong per se with ours, other than the whole won't start when it rains and oh yeah in VA? IT RAINS A LOT. Sure I would love a new mini van, but you know I kinda dig my granny van a lot. Not enough to say... get a newer version of it, but I like having the granny van when everyone else is driving a newer mini van. I like the "Fuck you and your car payment" feeling of superiority I get while driving it. Why? Because I have issues, and if you've read this blog for awhile, you know I'm not lying about that.

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