Monday, January 5, 2009

My Christmas of extreme AWESOMENESS

Well, maybe that title was a bit over the top, but considering I had to drive 900 miles with two kids and a puppy to sleep on a tiny twin bed while my husband is overseas, my Christmas vacation was pretty exceptional.

Louie did really well. He didn't bark once on the ride there. He was too busy being morose and barfing. Poor dog. He's pretty tough, but a big ole wuss when it comes to car riding. I was pretty sure that by the second hour of our trip, I was going to convince myself not to leave him on teh side of the road. On the way back he started to bark about three blocks from our house. It was like he knew we were going home, and that the cat needed to be dragged by her ear around the house.

Jonny told me while we were gone that he enjoys to bite the cat's ear. Leah isn't much of a vocalizer and this disappoints him. He bites her ear so that she will meow. When we got home, and I was holding the cat, he looked at me with an intense burning in his eyes and said "I REALLY want to bite her ear right now." The sad thing is... I totally get that. Don't we get that way with our pets and shit sometimes our kids. That intense need to do something so gross/weird and we can't help it? He bit her ear and I saw how HARD he was bitting (honestly I thought he was like nipping her) and I was like "Whoa! Next step is like serial killer there buddy. Don't do that again." He was disappointed, and I'm sure he still bites her ears when I'm not there.

Aislinn got sent home today for being sick and barfing. Poor girl. The school had to hunt me down as I forgot to give them the new number. I won't be winning mom of the year awards any time soon.

I partially unpacked my van, and I still have things.. just things in there. Then I take the things and put the things in my dining room. So now my dining room is just fullof things, and honetly I don't know where all the things will go. I think I'll just take a nap instead of dealing with it.

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