Friday, August 22, 2008

Could this be really happening?

So, this house thing seems to be coming along. So far, the guy DOES want to sell, and has given us a price. Of course the price will be fanagled with back and forth.

I eemailed my friend Barbara who sells real estate, just to get some info. My email went like this...

Hey girl,

We got an interesting offer from the owner of this house. He is ready to sell, and we want to buy.


What do I do first?


Because I have no clue about anything buying a house related. I live oh 900 miles from my BIL who sells houses. I even googled "How to buy a house" and just got a lot of info about morgages and how you need to pre-qualify and all that. Well duh of course I know THAT, but what's the first STEP? What do I do FIRST. WHAT?

Anyway, it may be happening soon! My friend Barbara gave me a lot of great info, things I wouldn't have thought about, things to look for with being military etc. What banks to avoid, even if they have "Navy" in the name. Things like that.

I am so excited! Today.. I looked at puppies. And kittens. And rats.

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