Tuesday, August 19, 2008

G'night you crazy kids

Jesus please-us. The kids have been driving me crazy lately. I don't know if it's my PMS or if it's just taking FOREVER for school to start or they're just being major pains in the asses.

Today they both ended up grounded from all the fun things at home. The only thing they could watch was what I wanted to watch on TV, and I turned on the Olympics. Teehee. They did NOT enjoy that at all.

When they're being punished, I am punished along with them, and it's so tempting to just let them off the hook just to get some peace, but I didn't. Since they're not preoccupied, they ask me a gagillion and one questions, they wrestle, and that usually means someone will end up in tears. I had to watch Jonny's "magic" which was going into the kitchen cupboard and making the drawer move. Oooh magic!

Tony having duty every three days really, really sucks. On top of that, this week and next, he'll be doing 18 hours of watch or something crazy. So, tomorrow he'll come home from work, have dinner, and go to bed. Then he'll have one "normal" day, and then duty again, 18 hours of watch and then more sleeping. I try not to be bitter about it. The kids are just all up in my arse!

We got the last of Aislinn's supplies today. She picked out a green camo backpack, and I was surprised by my angry reaction to it. I mean, I was pissed! Then I was pissed because it bothered me so much. This just wasn't what I imagined having a little girl. I also didn't imagine having to buy her the ugliest shorts on the planet (long knee length basketball type mesh shorts) for school either. The thing is, right now is the PERFECT time to be a girl. You are never stuck with "girly" stuff. I found the cutest messenger bag that was black white and hot pink (my fave color combo right now) the black and white was kinda like toile, but it was like skulls, dogs, bows, bones, stuff like that. On one hand cute but only a bit girly. But, NOOOOO she went with the green CAMO backpack. Then to confound me even MORE, she got a Hannah Montana lunch box.

I should respect her decisions, and feel blessed that my daughter thinks outside the box. Next time, I'll point at all the ugly backpacks and say I like those the best, and I know she'll not want them. She was going to go for a black and white camo back pack and I made the mistake of saying I liked that one better than the green, so she immediately put the black and white down in favor of the green. She lives to irk me.

I think the rest of the week is going to be pretty decent weather wise. I'm trying to come up with something to do with the kids that isn't going to cost a fortune. Thursday my playgroup is doing breakfast and the zoo. I may do that, or I may skip it and do something just the three of us. It's getting really hard trying to fill the days with fun things without spending all our money.

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