Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yesterday, we decided to take the kids to Busch Gardens. When we first started the day, I was thinking about how having kids changes your perspective of an amusement park, how you do things you wouldn't normally do because you're usually too busy standing in line for the roller coasters and stuff. My perspective changed after awhile though.

Man, my kids... don't tell them I said this, but they're big ole wusses.

Jonny cried over just about every single effing ride while we were in line for that ride. We're talking the CAROUSEL folks. We didn't make them go on anything that was too fast, or to spinny. He didn't even want to ride the little kids rides at Dragonland. He didn't want to walk across the rope bridge at the playground part. He was so adamant about the rope bridge thing, he took off! Yes, he ran away in a crowded amusement park! While I was halfway across the fucking suspended rope bridge thing. Tony looked away for one second in aggravation, and I saw Jonny shoot down the stairs. I tried to yell, but Tony couldn't hear it was so loud. I picked my way across the bridge, and we went chasing after him. I thought Tony was going to bust one of his veins in his forehead! All the rides we did make him go on, he did enjoy. Except the Log Flume. He didn't like that one at all. BTW, that was most exciting ride we went on.

Aislinn was pretty adamant about not riding anything either. She just wanted to do things that cost extra money. Like get her face painted for TWELVE effing dollars (we did let her do that) and play games. She wanted to play games the WHOLE time, and got mad when we only allowed her to play ONE game. Do you want to know how much we payed for that game? TEN dollars. The game where you throw the wiffle balls and they land in the cups. Guess what we won? NOTHING. That's right a big ole pile of nothing for ten dollars. She just didn't get why I didn't want to waste my money on those games. She sees all these people walkng around with these stuffed animals, and they either got really lucky, or they're walking around with $50 stuffed animal. She CRIED when we left the game area, because mean old mom didn't want to spend the grocery money for her to have a good time.

While we were playing that game, I watched a man totally bully his way into a prize. That really bothered me. How would someone think that is an ok thing to do? He claimed his ball went into a yellow cup, and the kid showed him that if it HAD gone in the cup it would have stayed in the cup (if it falls in a white cup, it falls through) the kid took the yellow sleeve out and showed him the bar at the bottom, that enables the cup to stay put, and the guy STILL insisted that he had a ball in that cup! WTF?!? He blustered (from embarrassment I'm sure) "Well someone took it out!" There was ONE guy behind that counter, and he was helping us the whole time. What an ass! While his kid stood there and watched. All for a tiny stuffed monkey. Asshole!

Then, when we wanted to go on one of the 4D rides, an employee said it was closed for a bit as it wasn't working, right as she said that, some people came out of the exit, and yelled at us "Hey, don't waste your time! It's closed!" Then they storm over to the employee (this teeny asian teenager) and starting YELLING at her! "This is the SECOND time this has happened, why can't you guys get your stuff together? Why did you make us walk ALL THE WAY THROUGH to only have it be broken?!?" Blah blah blah. As Tony and I walked away, I turned to him and said "What is THAT girl going to do about it? What is the purpose of yelling at that poor girl? She's not a mechanic, and she's not psychic." People are really just gross sometimes.

We really DID have a good time though. The kids liked looking at everything, as Busch Gardens has a lot of animals. The show we saw was this little skit with house pets. Dogs, cats, rats, parrots, etc doing all these tricks. It was pretty cool. I just want to know how they trained those cats to do that stuff? It was really cute. The finally was the animals doing tricks without a trainer on stage. It was really cute, they had a white cat, and a black cat jump in a bucket, and then three black and white cats came out. Things like that. I think they said they had 36 animals in all in the show and all of them were from the SPCA.

We saw the Clydesdales. They probably won't be there next year since Anheisur Busch sold out. My father in law gave us eight free tickets to go, and this is the last year we'll get those. I'm sure :( Supposedly, the park has been sold to a private owner. We had dinner that was way to expensive, but hey, we got to eat next to a roller coaster!

The hit of the day by far was the bumper cars. They had little kid bumpers that they could drive themselves, and then we each took a kid in a big bumper, and we had a wild time crashing into each other. Jonny just giggled cracked up through the whole thing.

We left around nine and it was just enough to see and do what we could with the kids. They were really good overall. We stopped and got ice cream at McDonalds on the way home, and I got a Starbucks. I was exhausted and as soon as I got home last night at 10:30 I went to bed.


Anonymous said...

Sounds just like Rachel and Sarah the first time we went to Disney. Everything was to fast, dark, high, scary or even wet! They did on the other hand like the merry go round. So much so that we wondered if we would ever get them to leave it.
Hannah (who is a real daredevil) loved everything.

How is the house buying coming along?
Karen (kiwi)

DisneyDina said...

We LOVED Busch Gardens. It's a GREAT park for the kids. Sounds like you had a good time there too. I'm impressed that you gave in on the face-painting thing as it's something I think Noelle asks to do EVERY time we go to a park and I haven't let her do it yet. Maybe next time.