Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's been a week

If I were to sum my week up into one neat, tidy sentence it would be:
Tony is a douche.

There, end of blog post.

Seriously, he just really upset me earlier in the week. I took some me time to sit and play Sims. I NEVER play Sims anymore. It had been a month or more. I cooked a nice dinner and loaded the dishwasher while I did so and there was enough room for the dinner dishes so I didn't turn it on. Right after dinner I told Tony I felt like playing and told the kids to pretty much stay out of my room. I went upstairs after awhile, he came to bed. I stopped playing. I asked if he turned the dishwasher on and he said no. Ok. Why not? But, whatever. I went downstairs, and the dinner dishes were still on the table at 1 am. So, at 1 am I was scraping plates, and putting the dishes in the dishwasher. I was not happy. The next day he had duty, and I didn't call him at all. He said he tried to call, but the phone wouldn't ring (we have this problem) and expected me to call him. But, I was mad, and had a whole day to just stew.

When he got home, I told him that he hurt my feelings. How it hurt that he didn't care enough to realize that I never have any time for myself anymore, and when I made time (he always says all I have to do is just make the time, and he'll help) he left the work for me to do. He said he was sorry. But, you know I'm sick of sorry. It's always he's sorry and then he never does what he's supposed to do. It's not like I wanted him to clean the tub, or scrub toilets. I got angrier, and he got angrier, and then it turned into him yelling that I'm the stay at home parent, and he shouldn't HAVE to do anything. Which is so unlike Tony, I was just floored, shocked and hurt. It wasn't an argument about who does what, it was about how he could think it's ok to leave food out and crusty plates on the table? What if I had just gone right to bed? I would have to deal with it in the morning as he had duty. I would have been furious. In my mind, it's never ok to leave food out! Not to say I haven't ever left a jar of peanut butter on the counter over night with the jar open, I'm talking dirty plates. We make fun of people who do that! Also, MY plate was in the sink, and one of the kids was in the sink, whichever was finished by the time I was. Tony and the other kid (I can't remember which) was still eating.

I ended up taking the kids to the park, and only coming back when our hunger was too much. I left a meatloaf in teh oven, and he had pulled it out on time. When I walked in he said "I wasn't sure if you wanted anything to go with the meatloaf" I snapped "Of course that means you didn't make ANYTHING because I didn't give you step by step instructions on what to do" and started to make steamed brocolli. I mumbled "No wonder you're in the military, you can't ever think for yourself, or make decisions on your own"

So, that set my whole week into motion, of pretty much ignoring my husband. He's been trying to do better, and we've gotten over it, but still a bitter part of me is still burning over the stay at home parent part. I know he doesn't like his job (he told me yesterday that it's not as bad as recruiting, but its almost) and he must think staying home all day, with the third day me doing it all alone is sitting on easy street. Then only to have my partner who is supposed to help me out, leave dirty dishes on the table and go to bed. I purposely don't ask him to do much, since he IS so busy. Take out the trash, put the food away at night. He does them only half the time. That's it. He cuts the grass when it's unbearably high.

So yeah, that's been my week. We did go to the beach yesterday evening, which was nice. We have some issues with the house buying. Not so much issues, as it's just a different situation than most people are in. Basically the owner isn't LISTING the house, but offering it to us at this price. Becuase of this, we're unable to get a realtor, and we just feel really like we're not going to be fairly represented. When we think about it though, there really is NO way for us to be ripped. With a VA loan, they won't loan us the money if their appraiser finds something wrong with the house, and we'd hire an inspector. I already know some issues we're going to bring to the table, old windows, and I think we need to have the chimney fixed as it leaks water during heavy rains, and I'm sure the roof is old.

Anyway, to end this bitchy post on a positive note here are some pictures from the beach yesterday....

It is surprisingly hard to get these two to take a picture together. I thought once they got older it would be easier but now we have the whole "I'm not going to touch him" or "She's squeezing me too hard" bro/sis thing going on and they both are easily distracted, so getting them to look at the camera and smilie at the same time is like trying to catch lightening in a bottle.

The two boys playing in the sand. They had a grand time

Jonny saw someone burying someone else, and wanted Tony to do it to him. Then Tony got a great idea:

This is what Aislinn likes to do best, find stuff in the water. At one point she had on her goggles, face down in the water. We caught a video of it, as she looked like a crazy person. But, she was having fun, that's all that matters.
This is a piece of mother of pearl, which I love to find on the beach. They are always inside the ugliest shells, and that is comforting to me for some reason. Inside the ugly, gnarly shells that most people look over, is a complex and shiny beauty. Kinda like some people you know? This piece was without shell though, I had never seen that before.
They had some type of sail boat thing ending right when we got there. I got to take some pictures though, the sails were colorful, and beautiful.

I love this picture. It's kind of like the one I took on put on our Christmas card.

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The Six of Us said...

I think, since the seller is "selling by owner," that either you, he or both of you, needs to get a real estate lawyer, but don't quote me on that. ;)