Sunday, November 23, 2008

Date night

Tony and I went on a date last night. It was.... kinda lame. Seriously, but that's ok. Life right now for Tony and I? Well, it's lame and I'm ok with that. So, don't think I'm complaining.

We hadn't been on a date in a good long while. I want to say that maybe possibly we went on one when we were in St. Louis in August, but I don't think so and if we did, it was so unspectacular that I chose to block it from my mind.

The lady down the street said she'd watch the kids. We didn't want to be rude, so we dropped teh kids off at 4:30 and headed to the movie theater. We watched Role Models, which was hilarious. The two ladies behind us added to the hilarity because they talked to the screen the whole time. During a scary movie or a drama or a romance movie this is annoying, during a comedy it is most welcome. During a comedy, I want everyone to talk and laugh and have a good time. There were only about ten people in there, I thought we should all sit clustered together, sharing our popcorn and twizzlers, talking to the screen and laughing together.

Anyway, there was nothing great about the movie, but it was really, really funny if you like dick jokes and a foul mouth little kid obsessed with boobies. Oh and Paul Rudd. Need I say more ladies? Mmm hmm didn't think so. I heart Paul Rudd. Even with a dumb name like Paul Rudd, I'd let him do me.

After the movie we had mexican food. I don't particularly care for mexican, but Tony wanted it because it was something we can't eat with the kids, and like my friend Teri said, sometimes that's reason enough to do something.

Speaking of kids, they were both torn over date night. They really wanted to play with Bethany down the street, but they were also upset we were going to the movies. I told them we were going to see Madagascar which sent both of them into a snit. We calmed them down, but they still wanted to know why they couldn't come. We explained that there are some movies that we want to see that they can't see. Movies filled with bad words and probably real naked boobies. They were happy with that answer and Aislinn announced "Ew who wants to see boobies?" Aislinn have you MET your father? Sheesh.

Louie feels better. He's back to his old self. I don't know if us caring for him while he was sick did something to his attitude, but I must say the dog is downright loving. He was stand offish with us for awhile, only showing excitement when we came home, or in the morning after we woke up. But now he is choosing to stay by us, and is becoming more playful as the days go on. I just love his intelligient face and bright brown eyes. I love when he barks at a toy and wags his tail at the same time. I love his stumpy short legs. His legs were made for digging and his paws are broad and strong. He's a small dog, but he's a little powerhouse. He was built for digging in piles of rock and killing rats and things. He has a strong hunting instinct and his nose is always to the ground. He once wanted to smell something on the bottom of Aislinn's shoe and scratched and dug at the floor around her shoe to get to it.

We have one week left until Tony leaves. It really sucks, but I'm trying not to obsess or think about it too much so I don't ruin the time we have left. Six months people. That's a long ass time.

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Thinking of you Sandi. Both you and the kids <3