Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm feeling a little better. I made myself get up and clean the floors and wipe the table down, just to get some movement going in my muscles. I love how easy it is to sweep and mop my floors. I got a microfiber mop and it works great. I was trying to listen to my new Ipod but of course whenever I put my earphones in, someone has to ask me something. That's how I got so far behind in music. The kids never really want to listen to music, and it's hard to be a mom when you can't hear you know? Then, when I want to listen to music, I usually want to hear something I know and can sing along with. My friend C cent me a $20 internet GC to Itunes and I decided to buy the Twilight soundtrack. I saw that it had two Paramore songs on there, and I've seen them here and there, and decided to get it. It's good and best of all NEW. I was getting sick of usual mix of Beyonce, Elvis, and Motley Crue.

Louie is sitting next to me sleeping. He has been down today. He had to get shots yesterday which he did well with, but I also had his nails clipped and that was traumatic for him. Poor baby. Louie ha now officially learned to fetch. This is monumental because this means he trusts us to give him his toy back, and issue we were working on for awhile. He still doesn't trust Jonny, but that is a legitimate concern. Jonny is still too young to get it. Louie does listen to Aislinn much better now. She can tell him to drop something and he will. He's doing great on walking on the leash. He mostly walks right next to me, looking up at me with eyes that say "Look how good I'm doing" I probably sound like an idiot as I tell him what a great boy he is pretty much the whole walk. When he comes back from the dog park it takes him awhile to get back into it though.

Potty training is going better. He's hasn't had a poop accident in a while, and he's letting us know more and more he has to go outside by sitting in front of the door. Unfortunately, if we don't see him, he just wanders off and pees. What's funny is he will scratch and bark when he wants to come IN but not when he wants to go out. The problem we have now is that he wants to go in and out constantly. I'm not complaining right now because I want him to know that if he wants out, we'll gladly let him out. But, it's starting to get old already.

Some pictures of our new floors:

New pics of Louie and Leah :

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