Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The one day adults like stickers!

I hope everyone exercised their right to vote yesterday, even if your party didn't win and you got your free coffee, doughnut, chick fil-a sandwhich and sex toy! Also, if you voted I hope you didn't have to wait a long time. Like an HOUR behind a man that smelled strongly of pee. Just sayin'.

Last night was exciting for Tony and I. I held it together pretty ok until I smelled Tony's cigar. He had one, and said he needed to figure out when to smoke it. I said "How about when Obama wins tonight?" and when he was announced he lit it up. For some reason that made me cry a bit. Also, Obama is proof that when a child says they want to be President, it CAN happen. Also, when Obama said the girls earned a puppy? Ugh tears!

In between the election results and chatting with my friends and leaving a playgroup that wasn't a good fit for me Tony and I spent a lot of time watching the cat and dog interact. Finally, Leah came out last night and is comfortable with being with the family. We also realized that Louie is pretty dumb. He won't go down the steps, but he'll climb th back of the couch, stand precariously on the banister that seperates the living room and dining room and then JUMP from it to get Leah. Idiot. But it made for a good laugh. He also eat crayons so when he poops he literally poops rainbows. It's a miracle!

Aislinn made honor role, which has me even MORE confused about the ADD thing. I still haven't gone forward with that.

Tony leaves soon and he's getting a little bit here and there done around the house.

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Blessed with 5 said...

Well I must say I agree with you on the election (which I don't get to type very much). We all voted for Obama! My whole family is Democrat and a few local friends but other than that, don't know anyone else...But we are SO outnumbered in our state, I can't even go out and be all excited about it, ha ha. But trust me we are thrilled!

from mjs.

And the comment about the dog eating crayons is the funniest thing I've heard in a long time!