Thursday, October 30, 2008

If you had a friend who secluded herself from all her family and friends for weeks at a time, exercising for six plus hours a day, and eating less than 2k calories a day what would you think? I would think my friend needed serious help and was on her way to an eating disorder.

Yet, the people on the Biggest Loser do this for the whole world to see, and people tune in every week because they find it MOTIVATIONAL and INSPIRATIONAL.

I personally don;t get it.

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Blessed with 5 said...

Who me? Do I need facebook? I have a my space. Not sure what the difference is. Cool pumpkins!

And the Biggest Loser thing I think is saddest is when they have to lose the cooks, personal trainers 24/7 attention, and go home and try to figure out how to continue all that in the real world of jobs, family, distractions and the grocery store. Then they get to lose and gain in the public eye, I'd rather lose and gain privately. Bad enough your family notices...ha ha. Do I sound like I've btdt? Ummmmm.