Thursday, October 30, 2008

Right now I'm sitting outside freezing my ass off because SOMEONE won't just pee already. Yesterday was an accident free day for Louie. There were times he couldn't hold it and peed as soon as he got outside on my patio, but I don't care. It wasn't INSIDE and that's a beautiful thing.
Usually when Tony wakes up he takes Louie out, then brings him back to bed with me. Then when I get up, he has to pee again. He didn't pee. We came back inside, got Aislinn off and he usually goes back out, but I was cold and distracted. I finally said off handedly "Hey Louie you gotta go potty" and kinda mosied in the general direction of the door but stopped. I just so happen to look over at him, and he's doing the circling that signals a poo is acomin'! I screamed "NO LOUIE" right as he was assuming the poo position. I grabbed him up and ran outside and plopped him in the grass, and he very casually walked to his poo spot and went. So, our no poo in the house ever streak remains intact! He's never not once poo'ed in the house.

Also, he is learning the "quiet" command and able to follow it more frequently, so the barking is much better. I'm not a nazi about it. If there is another dog barking or if the bird that likes to taunt him is taunting, I let him bark. If he's playing with the kids, have at it. It's the jags I can't take. Where he starts and can't stop. Right now his little birdy friend is calling but Louie isn't responding. The other day he was rocket dogging it around the yard when he accidently bumped into the swing set and it moved. He freaked out and barked and the only thing that made him shut it is when I brought him inside.

Yesterday, we carved pumpkins. It always sounds fun, but about half way through it just sucks. Luckily for me, Jonny just wanted a face, nothing fancy. So, I carved a face, while Tony and Aisy did more elaborate pumpkins using the patterns.

Of course, Tony does a kick ass job. He makes me ill. It took him a long time to decide if he wanted to do this pattern because he didn't even want to do pumpkins period. Jonny's face pumpkin. It took me two minutes to do standard triangle eyes, nose and mouth. So, I fancied it up. I went too far, and one of the upper teeth fell off. So, like Ren pointed out on Facebook.. it's a hillbilly pumpkin! The squiggles on the side is hair.

Aisy did a ghost holding a candleabra. It's really cute, and she did most of it herself, including scraping it out! I just poked the pattern on the pumpkin for her. She even carved extras like that pumpkin on the bottom and there is a star and moon on the sides and a face on the back.

I know most of you have already seen these, but SOME people, who shall remain nameless, can't get with the times and GET FACEBOOK already.

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