Friday, October 17, 2008

Ok. Everyone remain calm.

I'm going to hit you with a bomb, and I just want to prepare you.

Aislinn went to school today.... with a PONYTAIL.

Smelling salts! Someone get the smelling salts, we've got a fainter!

And.... are you ready?

It was HER idea, she was BEGGING ME to do it this morning. BEGGING! With "Aww why not mom?" and "But I WANT a ponytail" and "PLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEE?!?!?"

It all started last night. She had been doing her homework for about three hours at this point (the teacher says it should take 30 minutes max) and getting frustrated with her hair. Her hair like mine, naturally falls foward, so anytime you lean forward to read or work you get a lot of hair in your face. She kept insisting she needed a haircut. Aislinn just got a haircut, and she only needs like one haircut a year since her hair grows so slowly. I asked her how she wanted it cut as there wasn't much hair left to cut. The style she suggested was a mullet. She pretty much wanted to cut off ALL the hair in the front, but keeping it long in the back, because then it wouldn't get in her eyes. Why this is an issue for her NOW is beyond me. So, I casually got some bobby pins, and showed her how she could pin her hair back to keep it from falling in her face. I told her that's why I keep my hair up all the time, because I don't like it in my face either.

She let me do that, and then later I caught her trying to make a ponytail. Again, casually showed her how to do it, trying to contain my excitement. She worried that it would look too poofy in the back. I made her hair how my sister used to wear hers to show her if Bobo could walk around with a Pebbles Flintstones type hairstyle in HIGH SCHOOL then Aisy should be fine with a ponytail. She said "Well I think I'll wear it this way tomorrow."

This morning I didn't mention it. I let her bring it up, and she said she'd only wear one if she could take it out if it was bothering her. I said "Well then there really is no point in doing a ponytail then, just don't worry about it, you don't HAVE to wear one" and walked away. I know her little mind was reeling. Huh? What's this now? My mom said no to a ponytail? WHat? I'm confused. She quickly added "But, I don't think I WILL take it out" and I just replied "Whatever, just get your stuff together, we won't worry about a ponytail today." That's when she started in with the BEGGING to wear a ponytail.

Reverse psychology! It worked!

It only took me EIGHT YEARS to figure her out, but I think I'm getting it.

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