Sunday, October 26, 2008

Puppies are evil

Evil, evil little things!

I've never owned a puppy, and although I love my King Louie with all my heart, he is so very obnoxious. If he wasn't so effing cute, I'd staple a free puppy sign to his forehead and put him by the curb.

This marks one week we've had Louie. He started off scared and shy, sleeping to hide from the stimuli. Now, he's awake and a terror. He barks constantly, and not just to hear his voice but because he's afraid of every damn thing. Anything that is bigger than him sends him yapping. Anything that makes a different noise sends him into a tizzy. If a chair scrapes on the floor, if the tv makes a funny sound, if a bird squawks, if a butterfly flaps it's wings, if someone in Chesepeake sneezes, he flips out.

Everything I had read about puppies and potty training all said the same thing.. DO NOT GIVE THEM FREE RUN OF THE HOUSE. What? That's crazy talk! Why WOULDN'T the puppy get free reign? I mean, it's HIS house too. After endless puddles I've had to sop up, puddles that happen AFTER I've taken him out in the rain for twenty minutes, I've decided to crate it is. He's not in there all day. He goes in there to for about an hour or so, and then I take him out, let him pee, he eats, plays and pees again, then back in. Eventually his length OUT of the crate will increase until we don't have to crate him at all. We'll still keep it out as his home, and probably crate him while we're gone. Also, it's good for him when the kids won't leave him alone. This way he can sleep. This weekend the kids were all in his face, even when he slept. He got pretty cranky by evening time.

Today we had our first ever walkie. Since he's afraid of everything, this was kind of tough, but on the other hand he relished it. He had his nose into every nook and cranny I allowed him to sniff. He didn't bark once, and he did well on his leash. A little pulling but not too bad. I'm thinking maybe the barking is also stemming from not enough exercise and stimulation.

Puppies are a lot of work. I need a nap now.


Shawn Smith said...

Crate crate crate. One of my dogs, the boy was crate trained and he is the best ever.

The girl....

OMG. Daddy's little girl. If I put her in a carrier, have her in the back seat of the truck, or close her in a room, she wines and wines and wines.

I once tried to fly with her and she chewed through the carrier. The bad part of it was that we were trying to sneak her on the plane.

I wish I would have stuck to crate training her more but she was spoiled from the get go.

Be patient, be firm.

Sandi said...

Shawn, he has started to take to the crate so that is helping a lot! We've had less accidents yesterday.