Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's the hardest part about training a puppy?

Training my family.

The puppy is easy, the family not so much.

I've always been a big believer in schedules with my human babies. I believe that to be the case with puppies too. At this point King Louie's spazzy terrier brain can't understand more than one concept at a time. The concept I want him to get through that fuzzy little head is simple. Outside is where you do yo bid'ness. When he gets older he'll be able to play outside with the kids and pee if he has to.

Yesterday and today I've had an on again off again migraine. Probably from weather changes and I think from the excessive amount of sugar I've been ingesting lately. I woke up this morning again with a migraine and because of Louie and constantly taking him out, I couldn't sleep it off. I called Tony and told him if he could come home as soon as possible I'd REALLY appreciate it. He was home by 3 and I was in bed and snoozing.

I get up at 8-ish to eat something and Tony tells me that they've had a grand old time with the puppy outside. That he even pooped outside. Great! From 8 until now though, Louie has tinkled on my carpet and NEW RUG at least five times.

My family fucked my shit up is what I'm trying to say. Now, whenever I take Louie out he wants to play, then will immediately walk inside and pee. Every time he pees inside, I get a little more frantic as I think that's one more time he thinks it's ok to pee in the house, one more spot to sniff when he feels the urge. I'm already watching him as close as possible without having to gate him off at this point.

Tomorrow we start again.

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