Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life with Louie

We've had Louie the Cairn Terrier (pronouced CAR-IN, not CARN like I thought, funny enough my MIL is named Karen) for three days now, and each day he gets more and more comfortable with us. The first day I got barfed on in the van after driving around with him too much. The second day he pretty much slept the whole time, and yesterday we finally got to see some of his terrier personality. There was a lot of spazzy running and barking. I loved it! We're working hard to get him potty trained. We seem to be having less accidents each day. We decided to use the crate for now only while we're out of the house and when he wants to sit in it which is pretty much never. We left him alone yesterday for 2 hours for the first time and he did well. Started to tinkle when we came home out of excitement. He stopped himself and finished up outside. We finally pooed out in the grass last night and this morning. He does that adorable little scratching thing when he's done.

I've never really raised a puppy before and I've spent a lot of time googling things like "How many times a day should a puppy poop" and "Why does my puppy breathe fast while sleeping" and learning about things like a reverse sneeze, which when you don't know what it is and experience it for the first time is quite alarming. He is quite taken with Aislinn, and recognizes me as the pack leader. He's already tried to hump Jonny. I knew that was coming. Jonny is just little and a laid back little guy, so I knew he'd be the first to be "dominated". I stopped Louie right away and Jonny said "Heeeeyyy! I like it when he lays on me" I cracked up. If he only knew! Luckily Louie is new to humping and was doing it without actually touching Jonny with his junk.

With a terrier comes a stubborn streak (he shall fit in well with this family) and walking him on a leash is getting quite aggravating. He'll willingly follow Aislinn but if she's not there he just stubbornly sits. I plan on taking him out a little later today for a little stroll around the block with his harness and leash. I tried it last time with his collar and leash thinking it might be better, but he just choked himself continuously.

He is just an adorable little guy and I love him so much.

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