Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I swear I have other aspects of my life right now

Ok, well that's a lie. Honestly, when you're training a puppy, your life is the puppy. You have to think like the puppy, feel like the puppy, hump like the puppy. Wait. What?

Louie has started to hump to show his dominance. Usually, he just humps the kids, which they think is HIGH-larious. Little do they know they're just making life sucky for themselves.

Yesterday was a great day on the Louie front. I got to pick my friend Cindy's brain on some dog tips during a playgroup. I actually kinda forgot we had a dog, and left later than I had planned. I expected Louie to be covered in piss and shit as he doesn't get the whole "Dogs don't go where they sleep" thing. But, we got home, and he was quietly sitting in his crate pee free. We had actually done really well and was going on an accident free day until.. duh duh duuuuhhhh... we just HAD to go out and pick up our deluxe version of Guitar Hero 4. Yes, WITH drums. Of course, Tony and I totally got sucked into that. If you play video games, you know about nerdvana, where all time stands still. An hour feels like 10 minutes. While we played Louie peed THREE times on the carpet. I was so mad at ourselves.

Which brings me to another boring and uninteresting dog query. How in the HELL do you teach a dog to let you know when they want to go out? Looking back, I think Louies way of telling us he wants to go out was to pee on the floor. Just a bit to get our attention I think. Before when he would pee on the floor we'd take him out. So I wonder if that was his way of saying "Hey geeks who think they're ACTUALLY rocking out, I HAVE TO PEE DAMN IT"


The Six of Us said...

My friends trained their puppy by putting a bell on (or next to) the door, and every time they took the puppy out they nudged the bell with the puppies nose (or something like that), until the puppy figured out that by ringing the bell someone would let him out. :) Sort of like Pavlov's dog. ;)

The Six of Us said...

*puppy's nose...I wish there was an edit feature on this thing.

Shawn Smith said...

Pavlov's dog. I love it. I took psychology in college and a friend and I laugh anytime we reference it.

Jenn said...

We did the bell ringing thing with Katie as well. We hung some Christmas jingle bells on the door knob and when we took her out, we would ring the bells for her and then open the door and let her outside. She caught on really quickly and started ringing them on her own. She still does it a year later!

Blessed with 5 said...

Yep if I ever have another indoor dog I'll try the bell ringing thing too, I've heard from another person that that works as well. She hung a little bell by the door and when "SHE" took him out every single time she rang it and eventually he started ringing it himself to go. Btw....I have MY dog trained to come in by the porch light at night. I can flash it and he'll come running "usually"....my dog must be smart cuz it sure ain't me! LOL


Shawn Smith said...

The one thing that I love about having small dogs (6lbs each) is that I have a designated area for them to "go" in. I use the puppy pads (Depends pads for dogs) and usually go through 4 squares a day (2 morning, 2 night).

It keeps me from having to take them out and also tied to a schedule.