Monday, May 26, 2008

By golly this has been a nice weekend! Right now I'm sitting outside, trying to ignore the itchiness of my feet from mosquito bites. I had to bust out the Off tonight. I hate Off. Tony sits out here all night long, and he never complains or gets annoyed when he gets bit. I get ANGRY when I get bit. I can't stand it. Then again, he usually has jeans on. It just feels so good out here. It's windy, and the umbrella is creaking in the breeze and it's a comforting sound, drownng out the Fairly Odd Parents playing in the living room.

It's been a relaxing weekend after the Strawberry Festival. We made Aislinn stay home today, and not run all over the 'hood like she normally would. I hate doing it, but Jonny looks forward to her being home, and she's now always gone. She needs to pity him, er I mean PLAY with him occasionally. They had fun, they played water balloons, and house, and Water Queen and Kitty King. While Tony cut the grass, grilled food, and did homework. Oh what was I doing? Well yesterday was spent holed up in my rooom ALL DAY playing Sims which was awesome. I hadn't played in so long. Then today, I don't know I was exhausted probably becuase Tony couldn't sleep so spent the whole night being LOVING. Stroking my hair, which would wake me up. Snuggling me, which would wake me up. Rubbing my shoulder, which would wake me up. Kissing my neck, which would wake me up. Breathing noisily in my ear, which woke me up. You know, I always want him to be more loving and stuff, which I guess is what he wanted to do, but I guess at this stage of the game, I'd rather just sleep.

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