Saturday, May 24, 2008

I am getting SICK of migraines. Anytime I leave the damn house and food is not readily available, I get one. We went to the Pungo Strawberry Festival, and of course there was food galore, but the lines to GET that food was crazy. Finally we get our food (31 dollars for a corn dog, hot dog, nachos, 2 cheesesteaks and three drinks) and it was not very good. On top of that Jonny was SUPER hungry, so he snarfed part of my food as well. Then it was a lot more walking around, and by the time I got home, I was exhausted, and migrainy and had to take a nap.

I woke up to Aislinn asking me if she can have ANOTHER sleep over, this time at her friend Nicoles. That girl and her sleepovers. She's never home! She is getting so much older, I just can't believe it. Where did my baby go you know? Today at the festival she was so good. She didn't ask us for a bunch of stuff, the only thing she wanted to do was play games. Oh.My.God. The games were CRAZY expensive. I remember when I was a kid, going to the various catholic and community carnivals, you paid a dollar, played your game, and if you lost... oh freaking WELL! You lost! Maybe you got some crap plastic toy, but you didn't care, you coveted your crap plastic toy. You traded and compared your crap plastic toys to your friends crap plastic toy. You envied the older girls who had boyfriends to win them big stuffies, and spent MORE money getting crap plastic toys. Now, every kid is a winner.... if you pay enough. I had a carny admonish me for only paying for Aislinn to get ONE ball in the basketball game (AT THREE DOLLARS!) and you know what? I totally fell for it when he handed her that lame snake and said "This is what you get for ONE ball sweetheart" NExt thing I know I'm digging in my pocket for more money. They know how to work it. Damn carnies. I like taking Aislinn to carnivals, because if a long is long... she skips it. We stood in line to get her face painted and then she decided.. nope too long of a wait. We were also going to do pony rides... long line, nope forget it. My kinda girl.

It was crowded, and actually kind of lame. The kids didn't want to ride any rides, and carny rides are not my cup of tea anyway, I always have visions of them breaking. We checked out some booths and stuff but we didn't see anything we HAD to have. We had the most fun going to the 4H area and looking at all the animals. One girl had her sheep walking around for kids to pet. I thought it was so cool. I asked her if she raised him herself, and she said yes, she got him when he was a month old. I told her she did a good job! We saw all the hogs, and cows. It was fun to see the levels the 4h kids have. Little kids like younger than Aislinn get ducks and chickens to incubate and raise. Those kids were SUPER proud of their animals! Next level was bunnies, then sheep, then hogs, then the teens got cows, bulls to be exact. It was cute to see the teen boys on top of their fat bulls, full of pride at raising something themselves. I would love to be able to get Aislinn into something like that, I think she would just LOVE it.

We also went to the military section and Jonny looked at all the trucks and tanks. He is just so shy and cautious. It's amazing to me. He is such a HAM BONE when we're at home, and even when he's walking around in a crowd, but he doesn't want to DO anything. Hey Jonny you want to get up in the tank so I can take your picture? Real quiet whisper "No". Jonny want to get your face painted like a soldier? (the soldiers were doing camo on the kids faces it was so cute!) Shake of the head. The only thing I could get him to do was stand by a truck tire so I could get his picture, and only becuase Aisy did it first. Then one of the soldiers asked him if wanted to get on the flat bed, and he couldn't even look at her, he was so shy. He's kind of like Tony, he just wants to be left to do his own thing. Don't bug him.

I am proud of Tony. He actually GOT UP EARLY so we could go. I had a freaking OB appointment, and when I got home all three were awake. They got dressed and we went and it was a gorgeous day, I'm glad we went.

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