Saturday, May 17, 2008

The economy has been stimulated. You're welcome

We did our part today. We stimulated the HELL out of the economy. The economy needed a cigarette after all our stimulating. We didn't spend ALL our money, but we did spend most. Not on stupid crap either! I know! We're getting so old. Wasn't too long ago we would have spent all 1800 on going out to eat and buying video games. Ok, well we did buy ONE video game, and we went out to eat too.

Most our money went to this:

Not the whole set. Just the couch. We went to all these furniture stores today, and I found out something important. Tony is a real big pain in the ass when it comes to shit like this, and I have no backbone when it comes to shit like this, and seem to get what HE wants then fume silently on the inside. I don't know why. He is all about "practicality" and "durability" and "comfort". Which in my opinion screams boring. I want COLOR and DESIGN and FUNKINESS. Not that I'm looking for a lime green, linear, ultra modern couch or anything. But, I don't know.... everything we looked at was brown or tan. Anything red, he hated. Anything blue, he hated. Anything with a pattern, he REALLY hated. He didn't want buttons, bows, stripes, rivets, or cord, and ABSOLUTELY NO tassels. Even throw pillows got the stank eye. Everything was so BORING. The sectional above was the most exciting thing we looked at.

Not that I'm knocking it. It was for me the best choice out of his requirements. I almost buckled on this awful couch and love seat set. It was AWFUL. At first I was all "Wow look at that distressed leather set over there. It's on sale" But, then you touched it and it was fabric. For some reason it was really odd. When you sat in it though. OMG it was amazing. It hugged you. But, it was AWFUL. If it had been leather, it would have been nice, but just knowing it was fabric, ugh. We were going to get it, but luckily we found the above set that he (and I) liked so much better.

I did find one set I fell in love with. Oh my. It was brown leather (I love leather) and it had recliners, and was so comfortable I could have fallen asleep on it. But the whole set was $3,500. This was at the Dump too. You know one of those places that claim to offer you "low low prices" because they are only opened on the weekends? Yeah that's a bunch of crap btw.

Actually the store we bought the sectional at was a rinky mom and pop. We were trying to get to the chain store NEXT to it, but we pulled into the wrong lot by accident. It just had that cheese ball ghetto look to it. It just screamed "Easy credit here" you know? Like I was going to walk in and find all velvet furniture with metal and glass coffee tables and lots and lots of gold stuff. You know what I'm talking about. Maybe a black coffee table with.. oh I don't know... a panther on it or something. I almost told Tony that I didn't want to go in there, but we decided to anyway. Am I so glad we did. They sold mostly Ashley furniture there. We don't have an Ashley showroom or anything here. It was really nice on the inside with a great selection and GREAT prices! We couldn't believe it. The sectional ended up costing less than we expected, so we got a storage ottoman as well.

So, that's it. New furniture for us. Yay.

I'm typing on our desktop right now. My laptop chord finally bit the bullet, so I can't charge my laptop at all. I went and got a universal chord, but of course out of the 10 plugs, none fit properly. I'm bummed about it. :( I guess I have to find something online.


The Six of Us said...

I love the new couch! It's definitely something like I'd buy. Maybe Tony and I should shop together, all his requirements are the same as mine. LOL

Bon Bon Mom said...

I love the new couch too but...I totally feel ya on the color and stripes and fun stuff. ;) And what's wrong with tassles? Tassles rock!