Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

Holy cripes everyone, it's MAY. Can you all believe it? It's crazy. Yesterday and the day before it was pretty cold here, like "Should I wear a jacket on my walk" cold. Me and jackets don't get along, but that's how chilly it was. Today, I dressed Jonny and I in long pants and long sleeved shirts, and headed out to the grocery store. It was very, very warm. I felt like an idiot. Jonny was pink cheeked the whole time at the commisary. Poor baby.

While at the commisary I remembered that it was my Nana's birthday. I contemplated calling her. I haven't spoken to her in months, and we weren't exactly on good terms. Yet, I figured a 900 mile distance would protect me, so I called. It ended up being a nice little chat. One dig about not calling way in the beginning, I assume because her guard was up, so that was good. I was glad to talk to her. Usually though she likes to gossip, but that is kind of what got us not talking to begin with, and I think she knew that, so she was very careful about what she said. She was all praise and glory for my mom which wasn't always the case, and she was kinda down on my dad, but more of a he seems depressed kind of way. I guess they got into it about the "oriental versus asian" thing. Nana being an old biddy calls asian people oriental. I explained to her once before that oriental describes things.. rugs, clothes, lamps, etc. and that asian describes a person. So, it's not correct to call us oriental as we are not objects. I guess when Dad saw her last she was still saying oriental, and he tried to explain to her again that that is incorrect, and it turned into a bit of a tiff. Good for my dad for saying something! Then again though, oriental is a step up from "chink". She just calls chinese food "Chink food" not actual people chinks. I guess that's not bad for a 78 year old white lady.

Today we had a visitor at our house. A little wee bird. The kids were outside, and Tony and I were on the couch. He was studying, I was playing Guitar Hero, and he says "Hey Sandi, look over there" and in track for our sliding glass door was a little baby bird. It was trying to learn to fly, and it flew and landed right there. It just SAT there, looking around the house, being all cute and adorable! I wanted to take a picture of it in the track, and when I sat down, it flew behind our tv. Tony hurriedly turned the ceiling fan off, and got it from behind the tv. We all held it, and it was very agreeable. It sat on our fingers, and jumped around. The kids wanted to keep it, but we could hear the mama calling it.

We let him go outside, even though the kids did everything they could to get us to keep it. We put it in one of my hanging pots, and I tried to get a picture of it, but it came out blurry. It finally flew away with it's mama. It is a black capped Chickadee. Isn't it cute? It really is true, that a bird in the hand is worth two in a bush. I felt privileged, as corny as it sounds that the bird allowed us to hold it.


Anonymous said...

Chickadees are really friendly birds. They will eat out of your hand, if they get used to you! Just sit in the same place often, with a handful of sunflower seeds, and eventually they'll come on over and eat. Sounds like this guy is already comfy with humans!

From Me to You Video & Photography said...

I find that very cool that you were able to do that with the chickadee!! How neat!