Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How's it going to be

I knew I was officially old today when almost none of the music I put on my mp3 player was new music. I think maybe.... four songs? Sad I know. I decided to go to Yahoo music just to see if anything popped out at me and I was all "Ew best of the 90's! Sweet!" How sad is that? Pretty dern sad.

My beedies are better. Today actually is a really good day, other than the finger stick from HELL. Right now my right pinky is sore sore sore. It will more than likely bruise tomorrow. I don't what I did, it was a new(ish) needle. I don't know if maybe I did it at an angle or what, but man! I felt the pain from my pinky to my elbow. It was terrible. I almost cried even.

When Tony got home, we went to measure the sectional we were going to buy, only to walk in and see that one half was gone. OOOKKAAAY. It wasn't sold seperately or anything. So, Tony went up to a "salesperson" to see why a part was missing, and if it was still for sale. She told him "I leave in fifteen minutes, you'll have to ask someone else" WTF? So, he did, and he got the minimum of help. Pretty much they told him that the sectional we wanted is the only one they have and that they don't know WHY a part was missing. Nice huh? Bitches. This was the Navy Exchange furniture store. Nice attitude huh?

Saturday we're going to go look at a few more stores. We'd only looked at the one which was driving me NUTS. Tony sees something he wants, he wants it, end of story. I want to look at all our options. Plus the navy store didn't offer fabric protection, and we don't think they offered delivery either, if the budget rent a truck sign had any indication.

This week is DRAGGGGING too. When will the weekend get here?

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