Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kids these days

I've really been trying to get my walking in. I'm pretty proud of myself, as I don't ever FORCE myself to go, as in one day I was exhausted and decided to nap instead of walk, but most days, I am trying to get out there, but only becuase I WANT to you know? I don't want this to be a matter of having to do something I don't want to do. Funny enough I am finding I am looking forward to it.

Today, I decided I was going to incorporate a cache into my walk. There are a ton around here, so I figured I could walk to one, and then walk back. Then I thought, well hey why not invite the whole family! Why would I want to deprive my darlings of all the fun?

The cache was about a half a mile from the house. We start out, and not even half way there it's whine whine whine. It's hot, I'm thirsty, this is boring, my feet hurt. On and on. Of course, we had to take this long detour, and the walk ended up being much much longer than anticipated.

My sister and I used to walk like a MILE to school today. That is no joke I once mapquested it. No matter what the weahter, in WOOL JUMPERS. And here are my two, who actually bug me CONSTANTLY to go for walks, wussing out. At one point I even said "Look at my big ole butt walking out here, I'm having fun!"

They had fun in the end though. From now on, I'm going to do it on my own.

One thing Tony and I do on these walks is look at houses, and do wistful thinking. Wistful in the sense of.... well, timing is wrong. He leaves in November, the lease is up in November. I am NOT moving by myself. Just ain't gonna happen. But, I am just so DAMN ready to move into a home, a real home. I don't like this townhome very much.

Aislinn is sleeping over at her friends today, Jonny is asleep and Tony is playing his game, and I am watching my crap tv from teh week! I love it! :D

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