Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's eight am, and you know what that means. Spongebob time!

Today I am exhausted. I walked for exercise yesterday, and then we decided to do two caches yesterday and we ended up walking about a mile to get to one and back on top of my usual walk. The caches were fun! I am so glad we got the GPS and I can't wait to do it more often. The only problem is that Jonny is scared of wooded areas. He was hysterical when we were looking for the second one, which we were having a hard time finding. He said he was afraid of getting lost, and doesn't get that we have a GPS, it would hard to get lost.

The third cache was tough. I knew where I needed to be, but I couldn't FIND it. The rest of the family had kind of given up. I looked everywhere. Right when I was about to give up, Aislinn found it! She wsa excited! It was a tough spot, and being a child really helped with the perspective. Tony dug out the container, and we signed it.

It's just crazy to know that there is stuff hidden in places all over the world. Normal everyday places. Like at the park by our house. Aislinn and her friend have probably poked around in every nook and cranny there, and have never found the little cache there. Hell, when I take Jonny there, we poke around in every nook and cranny.

Aislinn really enjoyed it, and Tony had fun, Jonny wasn't a fan. Hopefully he can get into it.

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Please explain what you were actually doing. I have never heard of it before. Thanks!