Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I was up so late last night. Tony got me hooked on Battlestar Galactica or as it's known around here Battlestar Nerdtastica. But, it's actually really good. I thought it was going to be all Star Trek-y but it's not. It has an interesting and intriguing story line (Robots made by man, decide they are now superior race, there is a war, then peace, then the robots show up after forty years later after not being heard from, this time with robots that resemble humans in every way, and blow up planet. only 50k people remain all looking for a new home, preferably the fabled planet Earth). The fourth and last season starts like Friday and doofus me decided hey! I was going to catch up on seasons 1-3 before then. I mean, each DVD is only three hours long, and there are only six PER SEASON. It's not like I have kids or laundry or school or anything like that.

Speaking of school, I finally looked through all the stuff in my big box, and found workbooks. I like the workbooks much better than doing all the work on the computer. I mean, I eventually have to input the answers into the computer, but the workbooks are nice and light and I use an old fashioned pencil. I don't know it just seems right. Hard to make notes on a computer I guess. I've been a little daunted by the whole thing, memorizing suffixes and all that, but it's not been too bad. I am actually enjoying it. I can be all "Not now honey, mommy is doing her SCHOOL work." Aislinn was very concerned about me getting a job, she said she didn't want to have to go to daycare. When I asked her why, and kind of expecting an answer like "because I love you mom" she said it was because she wants to be able to play with her friends when she wants to. Gee thanks.

On a Jonny note, he is the next Pete Weber (that is a bowling champion for all you non bowlers out there). His high score on Wii bowling? 179. I think my high score is like 9 points higher than that. At first, it was just him playing willy nilly, jus flinging his arms, and I just assumed it was luck, but this kid is too consistent AND I've watched him adjust his guy and move him around to pick up a spare. So, it would seem he kinda gets what he's doing. Sometimes though he does enjoy whizzing it down the gutter for fun but when he does it, he does it on purpose. I'd like to take him for real bowling and see how it goes with a heavy ass ball to fling down the lane.

I probably need to shower sometime today and like do stuff.

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