Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yesterday, I wrote about how quiet it was and tonight, I'm listening to Aislinn whine endlessly about her stuffy nose. ENDLESSLY. She has been in there for a good forty minutes and has not shut up about it. Ok, we get it, it's stuffy, that should be the end.

So, yes today I went to the Dr. I got there late, by five minutes, and as a punishment? I got to wait two hours. I got there at nine forty five, and left there at 11:45. Nice huh? When I called to make an appointment, they told me that this Dr. runs behind, yet when I was escorted to my room, one of the nurses pointed out to me (without me asking her or anything) that the reason I had to wait so long was because I was late. I just said in my sugary sweet voice "Oh I don't mind at all!" and gave her a sweet smile which she didn't like at all. Yeah, I'm sure my five minutes of tardiness threw a wrench in their welled oil machine of medicine, all that standing around a chatting they do had nothing to do with it.

I get in there, and at this point Jonny, who is usually very good, is past his good humor stage. He's starting to get pissy, but trying to hold it together. I literally woke him up and he dressed himself and we walked out the door. No breakfast or even morning pee. I honestly didn't think we'd be there THAT long. So, he's hungry on top of being bored out of his mind. I'm trying to draw him pictures, but my art skills is that of a 1st grader. When I drew Thomas the Tank Engine, the look in his eyes told me that I had fallen down a few notches on the "Mommy can do anything" meter. I was at "Mommy can do anything, and she eats puppies too" category. I mean he literally looked at it, and turned away from me in disgust. I told him I just couldn't draw Thomas, so he asked if maybe I could draw Percy, or James instead. I guess he didn't get that I can't draw trains with creepy faces. Not my forte. How bout a flower though? I can totally draw a flower, boys like flowers right? (FYI no they don't)

The dr. gets in there, and asked me a bunch of questions I didn't know that I SHOULD know like, how much of each medicine I take. Ummm pill sized? Then she got irked with Jonny being there, and it was just a big ole ball of aggravation. BUT, the plus side is that I don't have to pay for most of my meds anymore. My monthly pharmacy bill went down from 60 bucks to 22. Possibly down to 9 if the letter the Dr. gave me for the Cymbalta is accepted by the insurance. According to the doc, with the military insurance, you have to have a letter from the Pope saying you need Cymbalta before they will give it to you for free. I told her that if I had to pay the copay that was fine, since I had been paying the copay since I first got it.

See, if you got to a military treatment facility, most of your meds, spare a few name brand kind (like the Cymbalta) are free. Which is good because just to get in to the dr, as I stated earlier is a pain in the ass, and that's why we put up with it. Since I was living in St. Louis, there were no MTFs around, so I had to go to a civilian dr and had to pay copays for all my meds, but the trade off was that I could go to the Dr. in a timely manner. Given the choice I would definitly do it with the civilian doc and just pay, but that is not an option here. If there are MTFs then you HAVE to go there.

The only change I had was to my migraine meds. I was taking Relpax but again, name brand, so they changed it to another kind. Zomig or something. Whatever. As long as it works I don't care. I also go in on Tuesday to get a new glucose meter, since the kind I have, again isn't the kind they have. But, according to that nurse, the kind they have is even better, the Cadillac of glucose meters.

I haven't been sleeping well, so at 3:oo I passed out on the couch. Tony told me to go lay down and he would take care of everything, homwork, dinner etc. Which was nice, but I just went downstairs (I've been lounging in my bedroom all evening) and I'm pretty upset. It's a WRECK down there. I told Tony I guess I just can't take a little time to myself. He said he was sorry but hasnt gone down to clean it.

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