Friday, April 11, 2008

Who needs Stephen King?

I got a new migraine medicine the last trip to the doctor last week. Something called zomig. I'm pretty sure the only reason why they give it out at the military treatment facility is because it's cheap. I'm not bitter, just realistic. I don't care WHAT it is, as long as it works.

Anyway, last night I got a migraine out of the blue. Before I went to bed, I decided to take a pill. I read the inserts because I was unclear on how to take it. It said it was an oral dissolving pill, so do I just put it in my mouth and let it melt? Can't I just swallow it? Because I'll be honest, having some nasty bitter pill dissolve on my mouth does NOT sound like a good time, but I'll do it if it means it will make my migraine go away.

Here's a bit of advice from your Uncle Sandi. Don't ever read a drug pamphlet before bed, because you will FREAK THE FUCK OUT all night and won't get any sleep. There was the usually possible side affects, dry mouth, anal leakage etc. you know the normal shit that comes with any drug. Then I get to CHEST PAIN, and SHORTNESS OF BREATH and POSSIBLE HALLUCINATIONS and COMA. What the hell?

I took it anyway because I'm an idiot. The hallucinations and coma was from a possible interaction with anti depressants, of course the kind I take. A migraine though will make you drink gasoline if you think it will make it go away. Halucinations? Fine, whatever, just hurry up with them before I pluck my eye out of my face.

I jokingly told Tony that if I have any type of odd behavior in bed to just call 911. You know if I think I see spiders or clowns, and if I'm still asleep when he goes to work, make sure he actually WAKES ME UP to make sure I haven't fallen into some type of coma. He found none of this funny. I was joking about it because I really was worried about it, but I didn't want to freak him out.

Neither of us got much sleep, him from being worried about the drug interactions and I kept waking up to check to make sure I wasn't seeing anything I wasn't supposed to. I did get some shortness of breath and a heavy feeling on my chest, it reminded me of when I had my c section, and I got my spinal block. You're able to breathe, but it feels like you can't but as long as you stay calm and keep breathing you're fine.

I think I got a migraine from being outside yesterday and we had the sliding glass door open, and the pollen was screwing with my head. It's been raining for about a week now, washing all that away, but since it didn't rain yesterday everything is covered in a fine yellow green pollen.


DisneyDina said...

Yikes Sandi! That's really scary. I'm glad to see you aren't in a coma though.

Bon Bon Mom said...

You crack me up. Seriously. I see you've posted since this so apparently you didn't have any side effects. Did the meds at least work though?