Sunday, April 20, 2008

I REALLLY need to get out more. It's sad when a trip to the grocery store and Target wipes you out. Then again, I DID take both kids, and it was just hours of "No, stop touching" or "Seriously, you can NOT push the cart" while I have a kid in between me and the cart, and I'm trying to push with my ass sticking out, and waddling with my feet far apart. That is what it is to be a mom, contorting yourself to make your child comfortable so they can continue to make your life a pain in the ass.

This has been a less than stellar weekend. Aislinn and I have had a bad go at it the last few days. I don't what her deal has been, but she has completely reverted back to being like four. I kind of gotten used to her just saying "Awwww whyyyyy?" when I tell her no, so when she starts to wail and roll around on the ground like the "good ole days" well, I guess I forgot how to handle it. and it hasn't been pretty. It turns into a neverending cycle of me yelling No, and demanding obedience, and her doing everything to defy me. Her attitude has just been sucky. Today at Target she cried through the aisles, thankfully very quietly. Both kids got ten dollars for Easter from their PawPaw and Grandma Gracie. Aislinn decided she wanted to spend hers today. Now, Aislinn and I have had many conversations about handling money and gift cards. I would prefer for her to give me the money, and when we get to the register, she can hand it to them. Everytime she gets super pissy about it. This time, I just couldn't deal with it. So, I didn't say anything, and thinking if she lost it, oh well. Which she of course did. Dropping it in the grocery store. Then, OMG THEN, she BLAMES ME for her losing it. Guess what she said? Just guess? She said that I FORGOT TO REMIND HER TO GIVE ME THE MONEY. Yes, she did, she went THERE. I asked her what happened every time I DID remind her and she grumbled "I get mad". That's RIGHT YOU GET MAD.

So, the crying came when Jonny got to buy something with his money and she didn't. Boohoo blah blah blah.

I could go on about how this was a hard lesson for me, because I didn't cave and taught Aislinn a valuable lesson, but I, being the soft hearted mom, actually DID buy her a DS game. I know right? Who has two thumbs and is a dummy? This gal. In my defense, this is a game she has been waiting months for. The thing is, she is grounded from her DS until tomorrow. In the parking lot, I told her that she wouldn't be able to play until tomorrow. Tears of course, and right then I was like WTF is wrong with me? So, the game goes back tomorrow. She can tell her therapist about it when she's older.

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