Monday, April 7, 2008

I have a case of the Mondays

Let's see, so far this morning, I have a child weeping upstairs, and another one grounded from everything today. Great way to kick off the week. Woohoo.

I don't know what it was, but no one got any sleep last night. I couldn't sleep, and when I finally tried to lay down at 3 am, I kind of laid there and tossed and turned all night. Aislinn said that Jonny kept HER up all night, because he got in her bed and wiggled and moved around so much. He was crabby this morning as well. Usually, he gets up and goes to our bedroom and goes back to sleep. This morning, he has just stalked around the house yelling at me to "Get upstairs right now!" because he needed his morning snuggle fix. When Jonny get's pissy and indignant, it's funny. I feel bad for him, no one takes him at all seriously. He has Aislinn for a big sister, who I once had to drag out of a park in a full nelson when she was four, so him yelling at me to get upstairs to snuggle, is just cute instead of intimidating.

Aislinn dragged ass all morning, and of course couldn't find her damn shoes. So, she had to wear her clogs. This happened three times last week. I may be a slow learner, but I'm not that slow. Since she once again couldn't find her shoes, she is grounded to her room today after homework. Usually I would ground her from playing outside, but it's raining, and honestly I don't think that has much of an affect on her anymore. Like "Oh well, can't play outside, but I can still watch tv, or play with my DS or the Wii." Not really a punishment.

I walked into my closet this morning, and about keeled over from the mess. Rainy weekend+walk in closet = pissed off mom. That sent me into a yelling fit, directed mostly at Jonny, since I probably told him about ten times yesterday to stay out of there. He ended up chucking his doughnut on the table and bawling his eyes out. Again, instead of being sympathetic, it was just really kind of cute. Is that mean? That I think it's cute when he gets all indignant?

So that has been my day, the whole 52 minutes of it thus far. The house needs picking up, although we were pretty good about staying on top of it this weekend.

On a more positive note, Aislinn brought home a chapter book from school. I swooned when I saw it. A CHAPTER book. Oh be still my beating heart. Usually, when she goes to the library, she gets a book about reptiles or worms or the joys of composting (ok not really, but might as well) and I respect that she likes to read about real things, she doesn't get into reading books about fake stuff that didn't really happen. So, when I saw that I was very happy, because I love books, and I always assumed my kids would too. Jonny does, way more than Aislinn at his age ever did, but that doesn't mean he'll like reading them. The cool thing though is she read that book quite a bit this weekend, by herself in her head, for FUN. I had her read me some of it and she did excellent. Just to give you and idea of how shocking this is, about two weeks ago, I had to forbid her from reading "I Like Bugs" for her reading homework, a book she claimed was "Kinda hard". Trust me, it's not. It has three words per every two pages. "I like bugs" turn page "Black bugs" turn page "green bugs" etc. You see why this is such a big deal.

Ok, I have to make some phone calls, and I hear pitter patter of Jonny feet upstairs. I imagine I have about three minutes before he's all "Woman get your ass up here, and snuggle God damn it"

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Bon Bon Mom said...

I feel your pain sistah! I had both little girls wake me up in the middle of the night. I fear Tea's meds aren't kicking her strep and that Sadie may be coming down with it. Good times. Sadie is a huge reader but like Aisy, has an issue with losing things. So today is Library day at school and she will once again not be able to check out a book because she can't find the one she last checked out. So while Aisy is in her room looking for her sneakers this afternoon, Sadie will be here in her room looking for her book. Good times, indeed.