Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Big sisters unite

This morning as I was putting away Aislinn's folder I noticed that she had drawn on it. The school provides a very sturdy folder that is supposed to last the whole year. She had hers half the year last year, and it was a mess by the end of the school year. I said something like "Oh Aisy, you drew on your folder already?" and she said "No!" and looked at it and started to cry. "Jooonnnyy" she wailed and burst into tears.

I got annoyed and told her to just erase it at school since it was pencil. I kinda chewed her butt a bit about it just because, well it was early and that's now how I really want to start my day you know? She sat there sniffing, and whimpering while I got the folder together, and put away. I looked over, and told her to come here. I gave her a hug and said "It must stink having a little brother who touches your things and messes up your stuff" I felt her little shoulders sag in relief that I finally got why it was so upsetting. I told her I had two little sisters that were always causing me trouble, so I understood. She said "That must be WORSE than having a little brother, girls whine more" God, she makes me laugh.

We hugged and I told her a few horrible sister stories to make her feel better about her brother writing in her folder. She was all smiles when she went to school, and right when she was runningo out the door she said "Bye mom, I love you and thank you"

What a sweetheart she can be sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Sandi, what a sweet memory :D

I've sat with Cate explaining the trials of having a little brother too :) But I always get her to give me more understanding since I always add in that I have an older AND a younger brother :D Plus I toss in my older sister just to push me over the empathy ledge LOL

- Anne