Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tony got a new video game, and it feels like the good ole days, when we used to stay home on a Saturday while he played Sega Genesis or Nintendo 64 all day while I read a book and watched. Now he has the kids to watch, and I just sit here on my laptop. He got the new Star Wars game, and it seems pretty cool. I may give it a go. I think it's cute that my kids don't even complain, they actually encourage Tony and I to play Wii so they can watch.

We had our appraisal today. And the lady just left without telling Tony. She did tell me, but Tony was like "Oh I need to ask her something" and I said "Ummm she's gone" He didn't believe me, and walked back in teh house saying "Son of bitch, she did leave". I don't know when we'll get the info on the appraisal. That was our last thing we needed to get done. From what we understand too, the owner is going to fix everything as well.

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