Thursday, September 18, 2008

I have had the SAME window open on my class pretty much since 9 am. I just can't sit down and DO it. Of course, Tony has duty, so going to the library is out of the question. I could sit in my room, but then Jonny will just come up and ask me a zillion questions.

I really hate that he's not in school. Ok, well I don't HATE it, but I can't help but think of all the things I could be getting done. I was doing school before he got up, but now that Aislinn has gotten used to school, getting her up is hard. She's no longer excited to go, as it's become old hat, so I have to go in there and yell at her over and over to get her up, which in turn wakes up Jonny.

Oh well, I'll get it done. I know there are people who do it with less time, more kids, no help and with harder classes. I'm just whining a bit.

Aislinn is grounded until Monday for not coming home last night after I told her to. She just decided... NOT to come home. I told her to come home, she left, and went to play some more. So, she's in her room until Monday. Sucks to be her, but that's what she gets. It wasn't like she misunderstood me, or didn't hear me. She actually whined back to me that she didn't want to. When I became distracted she ran off. I was furious.

Today was a little warmer, but still cool enough to go without the AC. Tony fixed our screen last night, so now I can keep the one window down here open without flies coming in. I love that Tony is so handy. He fixed our toilet and screen last night, and it cost us $20. I mean sure we could have called the leasing company, but why bothers when they're all simple fixes and we don't have to wait.

I took Jonny to the park today. He was so excited. It's a rinky little park down the street, and there are never any kids there. We walked around, played pirates, played fast food resteraunt, and played tic tac toe on the jungle gym. He didn't get tic tac toe, but he tried. At the end I ended spining just one of the thingies and he would guess if it would land on blank, x or o. We even picked up the park a bit and poked around the trees and found acorns. When I told him it was time to go, he said ok and we left. He is such a sweet boy.

He has been wanting me to play Mario KArt with him, and I hate it because usually he wins. There is nothing more humbling than being beaten by your FOUR yr old on a driving game. He doesn't even know how to drive yet!

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Anonymous said...

Sandi - Bryan kicks my ass at Mario Karts and Super Mario Bros LOL He told me the other day that I'd should go back to World One because I'm not ready for World Six - whatever that means LOL

- Anne