Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My boring life

Finally!! Finally, the heat is gone, the humidity is down to an acceptable level, and we've been able to fling open our windows, and let the fresh air in!! Last night we put our handy little window fan up and our bedroom was a cool and breezy 68 all night. It was heavenly!! It's been hard not to go up there and just lay in bed and snuggle in and doze the day away.

The most exciting thing to happen to me, other than the weather, has been my new coffee syrups. Yawn I know. Tony pointed out that I look like an alcoholic with my bottles of syrup on the fridge.

The pumpkin pie one I am excited about. Usually, I celebrate fall with pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. Unfortunately, SB does not offer a sugar free version of this seasonal treat. So, I had to order my own. I have it in my coffee that is next to me right now, and I haven't tried it yet. I'm worried that it will suck, as I don't care for the smell. I'm going to try it now......Meh. It's NOT the same :( It has a sort of licorice taste to it that is a little odd. I'll drink it, but it's not that great. I had such high hopes for it too. Oh well. That's life.

This past weekend and yesterday, I had to babysit a 1 year old. As fun as it has been having a toddler in the house, I forgot how TIRING it is to have a toddler in the house. How AGGRAVATING it is to have a toddler in the house. Right when you think you just can't take ONE MORE MINUTE the toddler goes and gets all cute and snurgly, holding their fat little arms up to you so you can hold them, and of course, you do, because they're so effing cute, and you smell their good smell, and kiss their sticky cheek and you do it all over again.

Emily was a real doll and I did enjoy her company, but I had to nip the babysitting thing in the bud. It was for a young couple who is from around our home town, who recruited out of Tony's office after he left. They're really trying to do the right thing, as they weren't quite making it out there, but he also took a paycut by joining. So, they're trying to make ends meet, which include both of them working, and him working 2 jobs. It's a lot for a newly married couple, in a new city, 900 miles away from their support system, making less than before. That's the only reason why I agreed to bail them out, but I can't be their everyday sitter. I'm just not cut from that cloth. That cloth that makes me all nice and maternal for all children. My kids? My kids didn't have DINNER last night, so that shows you how much I care about the two I carried around in my tummy for 9 months.

Speaking of kids, both of them are doing well. Aislinn is still enjoying school, Jonny is enjoying having her gone. He wasn't digging having Emily hone in on his mama time either, but he took it with good grace. When she left he said "Boy, am I glad that baby is gone!" Also, he has stopped talking about little brothers. I think he saw his future if mama were to have more kids. He didn't like it one bit!

On the house front, we had our inspection last Friday. Not much is wrong with the house, even though it's older than dirt! The roof is newish, the ac is too the water heater is old. Tony said after they left he thought that the roof looked kinda new, because he went out there one day and noticed the granules were still on the shingles. We're just waiting to hear back from Chuck the Realtor to see when the owner plans to fix everything that needs fixing. CTR seems to be a little hesitant on contacting the guy. I think CTR is scared of him. I don't know, that is just my impression. I have been perusing the SPCA website and listings for animals. I can't wait.

I always assumed that once I got my own place, my feelings toward it would change. I find that happening already. The other day I pulled into the driveway, and smiled at the quaintness of our little abode. Before, I just pulled up and got out and went about my business. It really is quite cute, especially when you see some of the others on our street. It has character. I like it.

So, as you can see, nothing new or exciting is going on in my life. Nothing ever is new or exciting here. Just taking it day by day, and preparing for when Tony leaves in 8 weeks. It's going to be hard, but it's part of our lives, and there is nothing we can do to change it.

Well, back to the schoolwork I guess.

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