Monday, September 8, 2008

Did you see a pig fly by today?

What about the sun? Did the sun come up on the other side? I guess we can't check to see if hell has frozen over.

Why do I ask?

Well, let me tell you! Aislinn. Aislinn wore PANTS today. Real pants, with buttons! and zippers!

Oh and I learned to add frames to pictures in Photoshop! There went another pig! My friend Christina got tired of me whining about it, and finally broke down and showed me what to do. I knew she'd break eventually! haha! The first things I learned in Photoshop. I'm so happy.

Anyway, as you can see, the pants are big, but I don't care. I will take it! She looked SO cute when she left for school. The trick was to get her to try on jeans right away. After that, everything felt good! She was so afraid that I'd make her buy jeans, that she was more open minded about other kinds of pants. She also got two tunics with LEGGINGS. I know! LEGGINGS!!!!! She's two years behind that style trend, but hey whatever. THEY'RE NOT GAUCHOS that's good enough for me! She looked SO cute in the jeans she tried on. I could totally tell that she was digging the look of the jeans, but she couldn't resign herself to the feel. Honestly, I think we are going to have a bona fide jean wearer next year.

Can I just say how much I HATE little girls clothes? Aislinn is 8. She is no bigger than other 8 year olds. She isn't fat, or even chubby. But they make clothes for girls her age ridiculously tight. See her Tshirt? That tshirt is a freaking 14/16 the biggest size in girls clothing! The next option is going to be xs in the junior section! Those pants are a 12. She could have gotten away with a 10, but, that only leaves her with one more size until again, she's moving onto the juniors section. The 14/16 fits perfectly on her. I just can't get over it. Ijust can't believe we're supposed to put our 8 yr olds in skin tight clothing. The jeans? Don't even get me started. Skirts so short a child could never bend over. What is WRONG with the world?

Anyway, she felt good when she went to school. I am happy!

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