Friday, September 5, 2008

Early morning ramblings

If you have an old mattress, I highly recommend a memory foam mattress topper/pad doohicky. Tony and I have batted back and forth on getting one for awhile now and I had the opportunity to try one in Portland for myself, and I knew we had to get one.

We got one last night, and it was heavenly. I didn't wake up once laying next to Tony. We've been having a hard time sleeping in the same bed lately. We're constantly waking one another. That didn't seem to happen last night. Who would have thought those measly two inches of foam would have made such a difference?

I forgot to mention yesterday that we put a contract on the townhome. I have to run a check by there later for "earnest" money whatever the hell that means. $100 and it will applied toward whatever we have to pay in the end. We're going to close at the end of October. We will be home owners O.M.G. The only thing that could go wrong at this point is if the appraisal comes back super low or inspecitions come back with something wrong. This IS an old townhome. Built in the 70's so we'll see.

I'm enjoying having my Jonny home to myself. He's SUCH a good boy. Yesterday, while we were stuck at the realtor office, he was so good, even the guy said so right before we left. Sure he was bored, and he whined, but we were there for 2 hours, and he hadn't had breakfast. He's been hanging out with me, and we have fun. He likes being at home to do the things he wants to do without Aislinn bothering him. He's kind of a loner, and has no problems sitting with the TV off, making long train tracks on the floor, or playing Mario Kart by himself. We also have to go up to my room and snuggle in my bed at least once a day. I love it!

Today is going to be just a chill day. Actually this whole weekend will be like that with the rain. I have a few small errands to run, and I have to buy some groceries. Our Harris Teeter gave out $20 off coupons. I don't know WHY, but I'll take it! $50 worth of groceries for $30? Sign me up baby.

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