Friday, August 10, 2007

Hey you August. You know what? You can go fuck yourself with your high humidity and your 100+ degree weather. I am sick of you!! I am starting to feel better, and you're fucking with my shit man. Seriously.

September can't come soon enough so we can get relief from this heat. Although September CAN come soon enough, becuase it's one month closer to moving.

Yesterday, we had open house for Aislinn's school. Aislinn up to actually walking into the school was very "I hate school" but, once we got there, and she saw the hallways teeming with kids, and she said hello to all her old teachers, and seeing who was in her class she was excited. I don't know if she was excited enough to actually don tennis shoes, but I think we're close. If anything, Aislinn is a very social kid, and being around other people, people who have yet to hear about all the Pokemon she's captured, or what Lucy did all summer, well that is just to much to resist. School for her ins't about learning, it's just a big huge building full of people who HAVE to be her audience because they have to be there. Either by law, or for money to feed their kids.

It was very short and sweet. We stopped by her old kindy and first grade classes to say hello to those wonderful ladies who helped me through each year. One who patted my back while I cried over the frustration of having an child that was so.... Aislinn, the other who just thought Aislinn was too much and too cute, and the joy she seemed to show when Aislinn was around let me know that my kid wasn't a pariah with all her ticks and weirdies and questions. Aislinn is charming. She can make even the most strict disciplinarian feel bad for her, and actually try to help her with her ticks and weirdies.

Mrs. S her first grade teacher exclaimed "WOw you've gotten so TALL and sheesh so TAN" It wasn't until she said that, that I realized how tall Aislinn HAD gotten. I knew she was tan, because as I'm slathering spf 150, I'm cursing her for her tan skin. The child never gets burned unless she is out in the sun all day on the water. I avoid sun patches coming in the house like a vampire with insomnia, on the off chance I might get burned just passing through it. It was no mistake that one time Aislinn drew a picture of our house with one window. She is so used to everything being shut up tighter than Fort Knox.

Jonny said HE wanted to go to school, but that isn't happening unless he miraculously stops crapping in his underwear.

Tony had a root canal done yesterday.

I did a whole lot of nothing. It's sad when your major accomplishment for the day is to get over 50K on a game on Webkinz because of a fluke on the site. Whatever, I got 5k in Kinzcash, so I'm happy. Added a little kitchen to my house. All is well.

This morning I woke up "early" at 8:30. It'salmost ten and the kids are still asleep. This is not going to be good when school starts, on Monday. I just think I had an orgasm typing that!

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