Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So, you know Tony and I are tiptoeing through the house, not speaking to each other. He wants to take the route of "I'll just ignore it and it will all go away" Me with my vagina and ovaries, me I want SATISFACTION damn it. I want weeping and garment wrentching, and litanies of I'm sorry, and I'm a dick, I know this! I don't deserve you! thrown at my feet. With flowers, and a Build a Bear would be nice. I won't get this, and eventually, life will get in the way, and we'll start speaking to each other eventually. We're both pretty stuck in "I'm right, you're an ass" mode right now, so it may be awhile.

I just don't get it when a guy says "It should take three hours... MAX" that the countdown begins WHEN YOU LEAVE THE FUCKING HOUSE! Not when you get to your friends house, have a few beers, scratch your balls, take a dump, set your farts on fire and THEN leave. No, you tell me three hours max, you're ass better be home, three hours after your feet leave the threshold of THIS house.

It got pretty ugly here. He thinks I'm mad becuase he went. Not so. The truth is, I want my husband to have free time, what irks me is that he is NEVER FUCKING ON TIME when he goes somewhere. Even if I say, "You know you'll get home 2 hours late" He'll say "My word! Of course not! I would NEVER do that!! Why don't you trust me?" Then he strolls in four hours late, mad becuase I'm mad, and he's throwing phones, and calling me an asshole, I'm sleeping on the couch, with my hands under my butt so I don't claw his fool eyes out from their sockets.

Men always say this "I'm not a MIND reader" Ok, I get that. But, are they really SUCH simple creatures? Do they REALLY need it spelled out for them? And honestly, how much more could I have said that night when golf was brought up? "I would really like for you to stay home, and spend time together with the us, since we've seen so little of you, BUT if you feel you really want to play, well, ok"

Men just suck

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DisneyDina said...

Men...why can't they just GET IT??!! UGH!