Friday, August 17, 2007

It's the little things that make you happy.

Since staying home, I got out of the habit of wearing a watch. I guess, really I don't NEED to wear a watch, but it's handy to have so I know when I need to get scootin' so I don't miss free nachos on Webkinz, er, I mean, um.. so I don't miss Quantum Physics today, yeah that's it.

But, of course with me, buying a watch isn't as simple as buying a watch. Nothing ever looks good, or is worth the money, or looks too cheap, or too flashy. I was still in the habit of looking at silvertone watches, because when I worked silvertone looks good with everything. Adds a touch of class to the run down decor of the hotels I worked in. People would see my watch and think "WOw! Fossil! This is a fancy place!"

I got reminiscing about the watch I had when I was a teen. It was plastic with all these rubber faces and bands. You could switch out the faces and bands for an endless cornicopia of watches. Me being the big nerd, I usually only wore solid colored bands, but if I was feeling extra rebelious, I would wear DIFFERENT colored bands!! That'll show you Catholic school nuns!! You may make me wear this stupid plaid vest but I'm going to wear one green band and one purple. IN YOUR FACE!!

I got to thinking, I wonder if they still make stuff like that. Lo and behold, they still do! So I got one. It's not rubber, but it's fifteen different colored ribbon bands. Everyday, I get to wear my mood on my wrist. First thing I do is put on my watch, after changing the color of course. Today I'm wearing safety cone orange? And do you know what it is saying to the world? Proceed with caution bitches, this is one bad ass MF'er coming your way.

Oooh gotta go, free Wacky Bingoz ballz on Webkinz!!

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The Six of Us said...

As the wife of a watchmaker, I am ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!