Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My big goals for the day...

1.Pick up and sweep the kitchen.
2.Vacuum millions of peanuts off my kitchen floor (note to self, no matter how much kids love it, no more fucking trailmix.)
3.Get highest daily score on Webkinz game of the day.
4.Go to EB games, and buy the stupid Nintendo DS game I want, and stop worrying about spending $30 becuase I am WORTH it damn it!
5.Go to Aldi's and buy craptastic frozen pizza to feed my family for dinner.

So, as you can see, my goal today is to be a big SLACKER,and I'm ok with that.

Having the two extra kids here means I have to keep my house up constantly. One, becuase having two extra kids here, means double the mess, and two, I don't want them going to their mom and telling her we live in squalor. But, fuck man, it's TOUGH.

I have PMS so the the only thing on my mind the last two days have been SLEEP and FOOD. Before this babysitting gig, the week of PMS consisted of me falling asleep on the couch for a few hours in the afternoon, becuase I was so wiped out But I can't do that. I don't mind putting my own kids in jeopardy, but not some one elses. Go figure. So, I just focus on staying awakle until six, getting dinner cooked, homework done, and kids in bed. But I usually have to rely on coffee to stay awake, so by bedtime I'm all jittery and unable to sleep. I stay up until two am, get about five or six hours of sleep and start the whole fucked up process again.

On anotehr note, Jonny has impetigo. It's really rather gross looking. Got him some meds and he should be on his way of being on teh mend. He got a haircut yesteday and even let them use the clippers on him. He did great, and I'm proud of him. Finally his hair is shorter, so maybe he can go like a month instead of two weeks with needing a hair cut.

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