Saturday, June 2, 2007

The hair struggle.

Yesterday, I did my shaving ritual. Lord how I hate it.

The hair on my legs is so fine, that I can go a month without shaving without much of a difference. My armpit hair, and my "ahem" hair is a different story.

For me, it's less painful to shave when the hair has grown in. So, I wait until I have a nice "crop" going, then I go to town. This takes me probably a half an hour, and it sucks. The whole time I'm bent over in the shower, trying to not slice off vital parts of my female anatomy, and trying to keep the water out of my eyes, I curse society for making me do this.

It's always the same thing. I always get MAD. I get mad at Tony for caring about it, I get mad at all the men I've heard say "I won't go down on a woman if she isn't shaved" I get mad at Tony and his best friend Nathan for thinking the french exchange student was "gross" for having pit hair when they were 13. I get mad at Nathans mom for gently informing aforementioned exchange student that girls in America shave their pits. I get mad at my aunts for telling my mom she should shave when she didn't need to (my mom never shaved until she moved to America) I get mad at every celeb pic I see of a woman sporting pit hair, and there was some rude comment about it. I get even MORE MAD that as a woman, I fall for it, and I continue to shave, because no matter how mad I get... I DO CARE.

The circle of life bitches.

Of course, after I shave my mommy bits.... a few hours later sets in the itching. I went to bingo with my mom and sisters, and the whole time I was thinking... I just want to go home and scratch damn it.

So I came home and did the glorious scratching and went to bed.

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