Monday, June 25, 2007

My period always comes at as a shock to me, even though it's pretty much like clockwork. I get crabby, I hate my husband with a white hot venegence, I eat like a pig, and I sleep a LOT. Yet, it never occurs to me that hey I better get ready for the ride on the cotton canoe.

So, yeah I started my period yesterday. Where POOF suddenly most of the symptoms disappeared, except for the hating my husband part. That kind stuck around.

Guys are weird. If they don't get sex, they just get all crabby and pretty much useless. Sex has been the low priority on the totem pole since summer started. It's hot, and the kids are up longer, and all the running around we have to do doesn't help matters much. We had a pretty good long dry spell, and of course Tony acted like a prick after about teh first week, which then causes me to be bitter, and then doesn't help the libido at all.

Sometimes though, you just have to suck it up, and do it to get in the swing of things again, which is what I did today. I knew it was bad, when I'm throwing shit around the living room grumbling about how lazy he is, and he is in there playing Nintendo, pretending not to hear. Then when I left to go to the ballgame, I just yelled "I'm leavning!" and left. Which is not like us. Usually, when we're out and about, we give kisses when one of us goes to the bathroom. So, to just up and leave without saying good bye shows there was a lot of bitterness floating around the house.

I got to thinking about it today, and we're both wrong. I can't lay all the blame on him. He works a lot of long hours, sometimes six days a week. I really shouldn't expect him to come home and be all happy chipper AND want to do the dishes. Then when he wants some loving I shut him down. Yet, he shouldn't just assume that what I do is easy, and that I couldn't use the help on occasion. I've told him many times before that cleaning something when not asked to do it, makes me all hot and bothered. At this point ladies, really what DOES get us hot and bothered? Not much right? I mean sure we all love to bounce the bed springs, but we're not like men. We don't see a block of swiss cheese and get horny. (MMM all those holes to stick things in!) It's no longer about how your husband looks or smells or whatever. It's about what he is willing to DO to make you happy that makes you hot. Clean out the fridge? Oooh yeah daddy, put that moldy macaroni in the trash. Just like that... ooh and that petrified meatloaf too? Bomp Chika Bow wa.

It really is sad, but women like to feel appreciated, and loved. When Tony cuts the grass, he is getting some. Knowing that he is cutting the grass because he cares enough to do so turns me on. He fixed the car today... he got laid. It's so pathetic, but thats what women like. To be cared for and nurtured. It's unfair on teh guys part though. It's so much work AND they have to do foreplay. For guys, we bend over, and they're sporting a woody.

Anyway, just babbling on I guess. Like right now, I know Tony is exhausted, but he is in there with our nephew playing video games, because both my kids are asleep, and he is lonely. THAT is hot. Not the act itself (ew) but that he cares enough to care how his nephew is feeling.

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DisneyDina said...

So true about the what makes us hot stuff. My hubby pretty much knows that spending quality time with the kids is right up there on the "makes me hot" list and not making yourself useful around the house and sharing in the housework only gets you on the "you'll be lucky if you get some at all this month" list.